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A Simple and Delightful Brunch Treat: Biscoff Beer Float

The days of brunching will never be over, and we’re a bit ecstatic about that. However, the days of spending a fortune on brunch every single weekend are slowly coming to an end for us. We decided to take a thing (a boozy milkshake thing, to be exact) from that eclectic, delicious new brunch spot around the corner and bring it to the confines of our own kitchen. Boy, we were pleased…. read more

Funny is the New Black

It’s an archaic misconception that women can’t be funny. For some reason, this idea has been perpetuated by men for decades, even centuries, despite the obvious proof of otherwise. You only have to turn on the TV to see that women are not only present in the contemporary comedy scene, but they might just be even funnier than men. *cough cough* Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig, Lena Dunham, and… read more

Brews and Brews: The Late Night & Early Morning Hangout

There’s always an eternal struggle for both early birds and night owls: where can we get our energy-fueling drink fix? Even the crew here at Society South are split between those of us who can rise before the morning sun and the ones who thrive as nocturnal creatives in the moonlight. Whether you’re an early riser or a stay-up-all-nighter, we rely on our morning and evening drinks that set the… read more


the craft of brotherhood

Beautiful transformations happen at Lamon Luther. Salvaged wood becomes exquisite pieces of furniture, and once-broken and hopeless men metamorphose into skilled artisans with dignity and purpose. This is the story of those craftsmen and the reclaiming of their futures.    


A Host of Flavors: Carrot Gingerbread Cake

Carrot cake is a strange and glorious thing. We’d really love to know the thought process of the person who just up and decided, “Hey, you know what might make a tasty dessert? Carrots.” But, despite the strangeness of a vegetable being integrated into a cake recipe, it was such a delicious decision to play with savory dessert flavors. An even more delicious decision was to combine the zest of… read more

A Tiramisu Recipe You Can Actually Make

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you always have those one or two friends who post food pictures every other day. They work full-time, they’re social, and they can cook a mean tiramisu recipe? Where is the justice?! Hold onto your smart phones, folks. We’ve found a recipe that not only looks good under the right filter, but tastes even better. This Chocolate Bomba with Tiramisu Cream from Cook Republic makes Italian… read more

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