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HELM Handcrafted

There’s nothing quite like a pair of dependable, sturdy leather boots. They’re hard to find, and even harder to find in a reasonable price range. But if you do your research well, you can find a pair to wear for years to come – the kind that will take you all over the world before they ever wear out. At HELM Boots, they strive to make exactly that. One of our favorite designs… read more

Festival Fever

Music festivals have been the “it” thing to fill your weekends with since Woodstock, but over the past couple of years, festivals have grown and blossomed into their very own mega culture. Who doesn’t love an entire weekend with friends listening to multiple bands in the same place? It’s the ultimate concert experience, and one of the best ones in the South is returning this September 19 and 20 at… read more

Fashion Muse: Girl With a Pearl Earring

Inspiration comes in many forms in the fashion world: from magazines, movie stars, different decades, and so many other places. When it comes to putting together an outfit, we really enjoy the idea of taking inspiration from classic works of art. Beautiful and timeless, how could these creations steer you wrong? We assembled this modern, fall outfit based on Vermeer’s stunning Girl With a Pearl Earring due to this simple and… read more


the craft of brotherhood

Beautiful transformations happen at Lamon Luther. Salvaged wood becomes exquisite pieces of furniture, and once-broken and hopeless men metamorphose into skilled artisans with dignity and purpose. This is the story of those craftsmen and the reclaiming of their futures.    


Jewelry With A Beat

Earbuds, earphones, buds… whatever you want to call ‘em, it feels as if we have headphones in our ears as much as we have our phones in our hands. Whether it’s listening to music on the way to work, while we work out, or just to kick back and relax, they’re in constant use – and, are often a little too conspicuous. So, why not dress up those – um, devices – to suit our personalities like… read more

Grapefruit Becomes Great Fruit

You hear it all the time: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And every time, all you can picture is a bowl of sad, soggy, bland bran. Luckily this recipe for Broiled Grapefruit with Honey and Banana tosses that bleak breakfast out the window and embraces the super citrus fruit many have turned to for a healthy breakfast option. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and cholesterol-lowering benefits, the ruby-red insides of… read more

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