Found it!

The Tile app is one of those products that the world has just been sitting around waiting for someone to invent, and now it’s finally here. If you’re the type that suffers from endlessly losing your keys or wallet, you now have a nifty little tracker to help you spend way less time looking for them. Tiles can be attached to just about anything. Hook a tile to your keychain,… read more

Leather Lust

Natural leather goods are nothing new in the fashion world, but Patricia Nash’s handbags with leather detailing make for a truly stunning and distinctive style you’ll be dying to carry as your latest arm candy. Many of the Southern designer’s wallets, purses, and tote bags incorporate scrolling, floral tool work, and perforated geometric patters whose beauty feels both modern and vintage in the most intriguing way. At first glance, you… read more

Typing on Thin Air

We’re all used to typing on traditional keyboards, from desktops and laptops to tablets and even tablet attachments—but what if you didn’t have to think twice about typing on actual keys? Enter AirType. AirType allows you to type on thin air, completely eliminating traditional keyboards. How do you do this exactly? Just slip on the thin black band—one for each hand—and it registers the movements of your fingers and recognizes… read more


the craft of brotherhood

Beautiful transformations happen at Lamon Luther. Salvaged wood becomes exquisite pieces of furniture, and once-broken and hopeless men metamorphose into skilled artisans with dignity and purpose. This is the story of those craftsmen and the reclaiming of their futures.    


Round and Round

If fashion is anything, it’s a cycle: something is trendy; then it’s out of style; then it’s retro before coming full circle and trendy again. The latest example? Round frame glasses. Oliver Peoples has some of the best-looking round frame glasses on the market, and they can be accommodated with a prescription for daily wear or tinted for sunny days.     The Sir O’Malley is as classic as it gets with thick frames… read more

Nothing Beats Beets

While salads come in many varieties, we often end up with the same-old-same-old: the classic Caesar, or house salad before dinner. Next time you prepare a starter salad, mix it up with some Beet Stacks. Not only are these simple and elegant salad stacks pretty to look at on the plate, they offer a unique combination of flavors perfect for beginning a meal. Now, we know what you’re thinking –… read more

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