Sing Like No One Can Hear You

You don’t have to look far for a reason to celebrate these days. There are at least a few hilarious, bizarre holidays each month that offer an excuse to have a little fun. April’s National Karaoke Week (this year, April 20-26) will have you dancing and singing in the streets. Be sure to gather your closest friends for an entire week of belting tunes at the top of your lungs and releasing all those pent-up emotions you didn’t even realize you had. Feeling spunky? Bust out your [... more]

A Lightened Up Lasagna

This Eggplant and Herb Lasagna takes a tasty twist on the classic meat-filled pasta dish. As healthy as it is delicious, eggplant adds plenty of flavor as well as a hefty dose of nutrients. Be sure to buy the eggplant mid-summer when it’s at its peak. To prepare, spread a generous amount of sauce on the bottom of the pan while adding a fresh layer of fresh, uncooked lasagna. The longer you let the sauce cook, the richer the flavor. Next, spread a thin layer of ricotta [... more]

A First For Everything

This spring, Tory Burch released her first fragrance, aptly named (drum roll, please) First Fragrance. Both playful and polished, feminine and tomboyish, the scent carries on the designer’s classic Americana-esque aesthetic. The most enjoyable aspect of the combination of notes of grapefruit, peony, jasmine, and sandalwood is that at first it appears fresh and vibrant, but then settles into a sensual warmth. The versatile nature of this scent allows for an easy transition from day to night, and for any occasion. Plus, the glass bottle is absolutely [... more]


Garlic Gets Its Day

Salute National Garlic Day (today, April 19) with a delicious treat that showcases this pungent little bulb. With its tantalizing aromas and melt-in-your-mouth goodness, garlic bread serves as the ultimate comfort food. This recipe for The Best Homemade Garlic Bread leaves your taste buds begging for the entire loaf. For the best flavor, make sure to use fresh garlic (not canned) and a generous amount of garlic salt. Another must is premium olive oil; we recommend Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin. Lastly, shop around for the freshest [... more]


My kids are my pride and joy, but we often butt heads on what they can wear. Thankfully, Southern Marsh Youth Tees please everyone. The available options—from fun colors to cool motifs—seem endless. And since my youngest son has a bit of trouble with allergies, the 100-percent cotton means that I’m free to use a special detergent without having to worry about ruining the shirt. My kids and I just love them—and so will you!

Easter Morning Waffles

Whether you celebrate big or small this Easter, this recipe must make its way to your kitchen table come Sunday morning. While classic Belgium waffles are hard to beat, Carrot Cake Waffles will give them a run for their money. Moist and fluffy, just like the popular namesake cake, each bite melts in your mouth. A sinfully rich cinnamon maple cream cheese spread serves as the “icing” on these cakey treats. Sprinkle a few extra raisins on top to give them a sweet burst of flavor and [... more]

Look the Part

In this digital age, carrying a camera wherever you go has become practically second nature, and it’s usually in the form of your smartphone. However, some occasions require higher quality equipment, like a bona fide camera. For those times, you also want to do better than a cheap black strap and a bright yellow vinyl bag. Wotancraft’s Historian Leica Halfcase for Leica cameras allows you to carry your camera in classic, handmade style. Sophisticated and vintage-inspired, this leather half-case and strap set is just as durable as [... more]

Romantic Escape in Austin

Once one of Austin, Texas’ landmark estates, Hotel Ella has returned to its former glory thanks to a multimillion-dollar renovation completed in late 2013. While its Greek Revival exterior reflects the past with stately columns and crown molding, the hotel’s modern décor brings the century-old structure into the 21st century. Formerly the Goodall Wooten House, this historic mansion also boasts an impressive collection of 19th-century art and artifacts not to be missed. Explore impressive sculptures by Barbara Segal and Charles Umlauf, or linger over the iconic photographs [... more]

Get ‘Em While You Can

Uniqueness has often been the holy grail when it comes to fashion. Our search for distinct and individual style fuels the popularity of limited-edition merchandise, ensuring only a select few will possess an identical product. Ledbury, the Richmond, Virginia-based menswear company, has implemented its own form of limited-edition merchandise through the Short Run Shirting process. Each week, Ledbury releases a new collection of five shirts offered in small quantities and available for purchase for only four weeks. This process allows you to snap up some high-quality and [... more]

A Crazy-Good Combo

Some food combinations are no-brainers: peanut butter and jelly; bacon, lettuce, and tomato; shrimp and grits. But others take a little more creative thought. This recipe unites an unlikely pair—tangy pimento cheese and savory thyme—but the combo works perfectly. While the homemade pimento cheese bursts with creamy richness, the thyme contributes a slight sweetness to the appetizer. Baked until fluffy and golden, these Pimento Cheese & Thyme Gougères will have you asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”  

The Thrill of The Chase

In their newest book, New York Times-bestselling authors Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg deliver fast-paced thrills that will leave you wanting more. The Chase is the second book in the duo’s Fox and O’Hare series about a world-renown con man and the FBI agent forced to work with him. Together, Evanovich and Goldberguse humor and outlandish characters to develop an action-packed novel that will keep you guessing. These two endure death threats, evil henchmen, and their inescapable attraction in order to reclaim a priceless Chinese heirloom.

Devilishly Good Easter Eggs

Vivid memories of childhood Easters involve brightly decorated baskets, chocolate bunnies, and, of course, dyed eggs. As an adult, you can still enjoy those cherished traditions, just in a more grown-up fashion. This recipe for Dyed Deviled Eggs lets you re-create those memories, but the end result tastes so much better than a plain hard-boiled egg. Similar to dying eggs in their shell, the process requires food coloring and vinegar (this recipe adds a teaspoon of apple cider to each color). Get creative and tie-dye a few [... more]

Family-Friendly Virginia Escape

After a long winter, your family needs some well-deserved fun. Of course, the ideal vacation includes 5-star accommodations at a resort the entire family will love. Check. But you don’t want to blow your budget. Check, check. The Spring Fever package at Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia, promises big fun on a limited budget. Get two nights of lodging for a family of four complete with tickets to Busch Gardens. To sweeten this already fantastic deal, enjoy daily breakfast in the Bray Dining Room, complimentary transportation to [... more]

Made in the Shade

Perfect for an outdoor get together, this refreshing Cane Sugar Blackberry Limeade will help you and your guests beat the summer heat. Whether you use frozen strawberries or fresh ones (we opt for fresh every time), this savory concoction quenches your thirst deliciously. A full cup of raw cane sugar and juice squeezed from the blackberries provide ample sweetness, while the limes add a tartness that balances all that sugary goodness. So find a shady spot and kick back with a glass (or two) of this ice-cold [... more]

Loads to Tote

Women are eternally searching for the perfect leather tote, one that’s big enough to hold their entire lives, yet small enough to easily manage. Well ladies, look no further than the Horween Leather Tote by Annie Williams. The Nashville, Tennessee-based singer-turned-designer follows a minimalist design principle by putting a heavy emphasis on the functionality and natural beauty of the hides. This particular tote sports a beautiful rustic, marble-like finish and comes with either an open top or a zipper closure. Providing the size and sturdiness you need, [... more]