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Hankie Man

If you’re anything like us, you’re not always kind to the items you use every day. Between holding your phone up to your face or shoving it in your pocket, that screen is practically a dirt magnet. For your glasses, there’s the ever-classic wipe on the t-shirt or necktie (which is convenient, but linty). And that DSLR camera you take everywhere? Step away from the napkins if you want to avoid a costly scratch. Declan pocket squares… read more

Southern Star

Southern literature is known for its kitschy country stories, but what about the tales of a different brand of Southern? The Cuban culture of South Florida is rich with stories of political strife and attaining American sanctuary, which is beautifully captured in Chantel Acevedo’s recently released novel, A Falling Star (Carolina Wren Press). Depicting the journey of a young girl and her family crossing the waters from Cuba to America,… read more

Spicy Greentini

There are a few reasons why you should try this Spicy Vodka Greentini recipe from Chasing Delicious. First, it mixes things up from your usual drink of choice. How often do you see a green martini that doesn’t contain food coloring? Just the look alone will get the party going. Second, the spiciness and overall taste of the ingredients – green chili pepper, fresh basil and mint – camouflages the taste… read more


the craft of brotherhood

Beautiful transformations happen at Lamon Luther. Salvaged wood becomes exquisite pieces of furniture, and once-broken and hopeless men metamorphose into skilled artisans with dignity and purpose. This is the story of those craftsmen and the reclaiming of their futures.    


Wine In Your Coffee Mug

Do you begin every morning with a steaming cup of coffee and end every evening with a rich glass of wine? If you answered yes, then the GRAPE + BEAN in Alexandria, VA is basically your haven. The combination of coffee shop and wine bar was an idea born from owners David and Sheera Gwathmey’s desire to support independent businesses, local products, and a love for the “liquids of life,”… read more

Color Swipe

Admit it, you were drooling with lust and envy over the bags, shoes, oversized turtlenecks, mod dresses, and every other trend making their way down the Fall 2014 runways (no judgment, we were too). Then reality hit: how on earth could you possibly transform your entire wardrobe when you could barely afford a single item? Lucky for you, trends aren’t limited to just clothing and accessories, but expand into all facets… read more

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