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Seed for Yourself

This Cilantro and Quinoa Soup is easy to make, but tastes like something with a long cook-time and complicated preparation. If you don’t eat much quinoa, this is a great, simple dish to start with to integrate the high-protein seeds into your diet. The way that it’s arranged makes the dish fall somewhere between a medley and a soup, and that’s one of the reasons it tastes so good. After the delicious quinoa base… read more

Speak (and Drink) Easy

With a name like Prohibition, you can expect a certain aesthetic and atmosphere for this new Miami bar. With red cushioned bench seats and a long, rounded bar, the experience is a mix of fine dining, top-of-the-line cocktails, and a subtle history lesson. Prohibition has a very classic atmosphere with a drink menu similar to one that you would have seen during the real Prohibition, but they stay true to their… read more

Home Is What Your Shirt Says

Almost anyone who has moved away from home, and especially out of their home state, understands the heartache that can come with homesickness. Even if you absolutely love where you live and your new life, there’s always something about home that you miss. This feeling hit Ryan, the founder of The Home T, whose move from North Carolina to New York City in 2010 left him missing the comforts of… read more


the craft of brotherhood

Beautiful transformations happen at Lamon Luther. Salvaged wood becomes exquisite pieces of furniture, and once-broken and hopeless men metamorphose into skilled artisans with dignity and purpose. This is the story of those craftsmen and the reclaiming of their futures.    


How Sweet It Is

If you’re skeptical of a fruit that is almost entirely water being cooked on a grill, simply tasting this Grilled Watermelon Salad recipe from My Blue and White Kitchen will relieve your concerns. It’s kind of like fried ice cream: it doesn’t seem like a very good idea – until it’s in your mouth. And it’s not just the star ingredient that makes this salad so delicious. The rest of the salad is… read more

Grapes of Summer

The end of summer is upon us, so you’d better get all the frozen fruity drinks you can before fall gets here. Then it’s back to pumpkin lattes (which we heard were coming out even earlier this year; before you know it, Halloween decor will go on the shelves right after the Fourth of July!). This Frozen Grape Daiquiri recipe from Lady and Pups isn’t just gorgeous; it’s also a great… read more

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