Daniel Bear Hunley

An online influencer and one of the most followed male pinners, Daniel Bear Hunley engages Pinterest audiences across the globe from his home in Nashville, Tennessee. A bit of an Internet junkie, Daniel writes off his social networking habits as “professional development.” While serving as the brand manager for a line of craft denim, he maintains a healthy affinity for bluegrass, tall gin drinks, and cat videos.

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Footloose & Fancy Free

Now’s the time to break out those bright summer soles. Cobbler George Vlagos grew up watching his father, a master cobbler, create footwear with exceptional materials and thoughtful designs. Vlagos founded Oak Street Bootmakers with the same commitment to craftsmanship that was instilled by his father. We see his attention to detail in these hand-stitched Navy Suede Red Brick Sole Trail Oxfords. Designed to stretch and conform to your foot, these boat shoes are the perfect casual addition to any summer outfit.

Strapped In Style

You’ve been there: You’re out on the river either angling a smallmouth or whipping your cousin in the inner tube. As you glance over the side of the boat, you watch in dismay as your sunglasses fall and sink into murky waters. It’s a painful experience, especially knowing this all could have been prevented if you’d only worn a sunglass strap. Cotton Snaps brings a bit of style to a utilitarian piece of gear with lots of variety. You’ll find plaids, ginghams, and seersucker straps in every [... more]

Environmentally Tied

This Zenyatta Bow Tie by Collared Greens brings a green touch to your outfit and your environment. At the root of the Collared Greens brand is a commitment to sustainable, American-made craftsmanship. This means using environmentally friendly materials and practices when creating their products, which include ties, bow ties, belts, and organic cotton tees. A portion of every sale goes toward the CG24 Conservation project, which helps fund a network of environmental organizations around the world.

Let’s Hear It For Science

Recently, clothiers have started carrying seersucker in modern slimmer cuts, but Betabrand has upped the ante with the help of science. The clothing label partners fashion designers with engineers to solve problems that many didn’t know existed. Even though seersucker is light and breathable, traditionally the ridges run up and down, which directs heat up your pant legs to the rest of your body. Not good. By changing the direction of the fabric to run horizontally on these Blue Seersucker Pants, you have not only a modern [... more]

Repel the Bugs, Not Your Friends

The smell of bug spray reminds me of summer, but I don’t cherish that odor for anything other than what it makes me remember. Real talk: That stuff stinks to high heaven. So this summer, I’ll be keeping bugs at bay with OutScent, a new, all-natural insect repellent with essential oils from grapefruit, fir needles, patchouli, and other woods. It’s how summer is supposed to smell. And the fresh scent is subtle, so a misting all over the skin won’t make you smell like you just walked out [... more]

Cool as a Cucumber

Summertime is near. And that means it’s almost time for linen. On hot and sticky days in my home state of Tennessee, I reach for the one fabric I know will keep me nice and breezy. Some of my brethren write it off for being easily wrinkled and looking disheveled, but linen works perfectly for carefree afternoons in the beer garden, wrinkles be damned. One of my favorite collections of linen shirts out there, Frank & Eileen offers several striped and plaid shirts that really mix things [... more]

Rock the Right Socks

Bold socks are the rage right now, but some of the color combinations out there look crazy. I admit I rocked my turquoise and yellow socks for an entire year. Then I realized how I looked and sought out a brand of socks in more stylish colors and styles. I found Dapper Classics. They feature an above-the-calf sock in color combinations that are bold enough to add some interest to what you’re wearing without looking like a clown. Photo Source: Dapper Classics   

Belts With Personality

Needlepoint belts have been a traditional Southern staple in men’s closets for generations. I, for one, am thankful that the tradition lives on. Men have fewer opportunities to use accessories to elevate an outfit than our feminine counterparts, but the right belt can do just that. Maryland-based Smathers & Branson specializes in hand-stitched products in an endless array of patterns and colors (I counted 119). Their belt designs—which range from American flags to sailboats, black labs to shot gun shells—give a little personality to your standard khakis [... more]

The Price Is Right

Beckett Simonon has blown past the competition to become my favorite shoe brand on the market. Who says you need to pay $300 to get an amazing-looking pair of shoes? Beckett currently offers 24 different styles that provide superior looks at an affordable price. The most expensive pair in their collection costs just $149.99. Beckett cuts costs by designing the shoe in-house and sourcing all of the raw materials themselves, ensuring that you’re getting the best for less. Additionally, instead of flashy marketing, they rely solely on word [... more]

Pocket Square Perfected

Do one thing and do it better than anyone else. The new brand New York to Nashville set out to perfect an often-overlooked accessory, the pocket square. Using reclaimed fabrics that once made up old flannel shirts, vintage American flags, and even women’s dresses, each hand-stitched pocket square has a story to tell. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, owner Danielle Romero draws inspiration from the city the brand was born in. “There is a beautiful balance of drawing from the Old South with a spirit of reinvention,” she says. [... more]

Wool & Leather: A Handsome Pair

I love the classic combination of gray wool and leather. Thankfully, it’s once again becoming an iconic pairing in men’s fashion—and for good reason. It not only looks fresh, but also is durable. You can work this increasingly popular duo into your collection by grabbing a wool and leather case to protect your gadgets. With tanned, hand-dyed leather and 3-millimeter wool felt, this Byrd & Belle sleeve offers protection without sacrificing style. Photo Source: Byrd & Belle

Gym Bag Upgrade

I was talking to a friend recently about what he carries to the gym—a ratty drawstring bag he’s had since his college days. Now that he’s a somewhat grown-up member of society, I told him to upgrade to a canvas bag, one like those made by Hudson Sutler. They’re durable enough to take a beating and stylish enough to carry as a weekend bag. Paying close attention to detail, Hudson Sutler builds their bags with plenty of pockets for all your gear and a vibrant gingham lining. [... more]

Sharp Hair, Sharp Life

A sharp haircut is as essential as a sharp suit. And for those of you whose hair is uncooperative, like mine, the right product makes all the difference. Grant’s Pomade is doing great things, pushing the science behind classic products. Check out their Matte Dressing, which features a mid-weight hold without the shine. It works on all hair types, from oily to dry, and because it’s water-based, it avoids the waxy build-up you get with some other hair products. That’s good news, especially if you agree with [... more]

Sturdy & Stylish

Get set for an excursion out on the trails or in the city with the Natural Roll Top Pack by Archival Clothing. This American-made pack was designed to be used—don’t be afraid to get rough with it. With brass hardware and natural cotton duck, it holds all of your goods safe from both rain and grit. It also comes equipped with a double-layered bottom for protection, a padded back for comfort, and a Horween leather lash point for style. Photo Source: Archival Clothing

Nautically Inspired

The pelican hook (named for it’s beak-like shape) was developed to give sailors a way to securely fasten lines while still allowing for quick detachment should the need arise. I think this bit of maritime engineering works equally well on a strip of leather that fastens up your pants. The burnished brass hook is paired with quality full-grain leather, giving the belt a worn, vintage feel. The handsome details of this belt will elevate your dark jeans and khakis alike. Featured belt available from Ball and Buck. [... more]