Lauren Zwanziger

A Knoxville native, Lauren Zwanziger moved to Nashville in 2009 to pursue a degree in fashion design from O’More College of Design. Three years into school, she experienced a rare kind of insta-fame after her Pinterest account jumped from 200 followers to 1 million in just two weeks. Lauren’s pins continue to gain recognition for their unique style that mixes ethereal, feminine looks with minimal, boyish accents. Now with a following of nearly 5 million, Lauren has gone from a typical college graduate to a serious tastemaker.

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On My Radar: Blue Velvet Sneakers

The older I get, the less I want to wear heels. Since I’m only 22, you can assume that my heel-wearing days were relatively short lived, if not nonexistent. Still, being the self-proclaimed stylish girl that I am, I seek a fashionable shoe. The other day, while searching for a dressed-up alternative to the all-white converse that got me through summer, I stumbled across these blue velvet Superga’s. Not only are these bad boys comfortable, but the velvet gives them an air of luxury. I highly recommend [... more]

Fashion Take-Aways

Isabel Marant has always been on my list of favorite designers, and her upcoming Spring-Summer 2014 collection reminded me why. With her unexpected embellishments and muted color palettes, she epitomizes “French cool.” The thing I noticed about this particular collection is something a bit more obtainable than her $600 shoes: It is chock-full of outfit inspiration. A couple of take-aways I learned: Short dresses look fresh but tailored with oversized blazers, and a softer color palette looks fresh and timeless. Photo Source: Isabel Marant

Glad for Plaid

It should come as no surprise to anyone that plaid is hot this winter—because it is every year! However, recently I’ve seen the pattern worn in a slightly new way that I really love. Plaid scarves add a pop of color to your outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard, which is great for someone who typically shies away from color like I do. My personal favorite is a bold red plaid scarf paired with any dark-neutral outfit. (Scarf shown above: Echo mSoft Crinkled Plaid Woven [... more]

How To Wear Black on Black

In the dead of winter, there’s nothing I want to wear more than lots and lots of black. But a black-on-black outfit can sometimes get a bit boring. So how do you keep your outfit looking sharp and not verge into mundane? Adding texture is always a good place to start. For example, pair a fluffy wool sweater with a leather pant for an interesting look. Another important factor is fit. The biggest benefit to wearing black is that it is slimming, but if you pile on [... more]