Lee Norris

Lee Norris, a Social Media Marketing Strategist (SOUTHERNdrawleln.com), proudly hails from Columbus, Mississippi. Fiercely loyal to her Mississippi State Dawgs and a not-so-secret fan of Elvis, she is a self-diagnosed recipe and cookbook addict and lover of all things Southern, football, antiques, and music. As the creator of “This Is Our South,” a social media celebration of Southern culture and food on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, Lee shares her passion for our grand heritage, all in memory of her Mimi. As Nashville's brand-spanking-newest resident, Lee is already absolutely, positively in love with her new home sweet home.

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Virginia Willis Tweeted Me

Georgia native Virginia Willis is an esteemed French-trained chef, renowned food author, and culinary educator of her “refined Southern” cuisine. A zealous fan, I followed Virginia on Twitter and to my surprise, she followed me back. When I realized she does this for all fans, I tweeted, “One of my Southern idols @VirginiaWillis followed me back, but she’s so hospitable, she follows EVERYone back.” To my great delight, she responded, “Oh now you just hush, Silly Goose. I liked your twitter handle!” Ladies and gents, I flew straight to [... more]

First, You Make a Roux

This delectable-looking appetizer caught my eye on Pinterest and when I realized it was from fellow Mississippian and food blogger Julie May at Menu Musings, I liked it even more. I seem to be a slave to seafood recipes, and the dishes themselves, of course. This gem for Louisiana Crab Claws Bordelaise fit my entertaining requirement of easy preparation with big-bang presentation.  What guest wouldn’t ooh and aah over these Cajun claws? Julie warns that you’ll want to “sop up” the buttery sauce goodness with a crusty piece of bread. And [... more]

An Open Letter to The Commonwealth of Kentucky

Dear Kentucky, Thank you for your endless rolling hills of bluegrass countryside. For thoroughbreds and their annual Run for the Roses. For Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. For Mother’s Day and the “Happy Birthday” song. For Robert Penn Warren and Loretta Lynn. For the heavenly Hot Brown and chocolate in pecan pie. For the Louisville slugger and silver julep cups. For Rosemary Clooney (and George). For the best excuse to wear an enormous floral hat. For Benedictine spread, butter cake, and burgoo. But most of all, Kentucky, thank you for bourbon, which makes you our MVP. We [... more]

Comfort Food Comeback

Comfort food has certainly experienced a type of renaissance, celebrated by even the most avant garde chefs and restaurants. So many humble, nostalgic foods have found new life from a bit of inventive cookery. Versions of macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie, fried chicken, red-eye gravy, and cornbread can be found anywhere from gas stations to exclusive seven-course tasting menus (all to the amusement of old Southern grandmothers, of course). Among them, blessedly, is this gooey grilled cheese. Beautifully bubbling Brie. Glorious Granny Smith apple. Buttery browned baguette. Creamy caramel drizzle. (Okay, maybe I should [... more]

Civilized Bacon

Though my recipe addiction is lifelong and bona fide, my head isn’t turned by every fondue, fricassee, or frittata. When it comes to entertaining, any recipe that makes my menu usually has to meet certain criteria: high drama, low effort, and a minimum of ingredients. In my mind, guests break into applause at the mere sight of each dish prepared, certain I’ve slaved for days to achieve such culinary grandeur. Despite its modest name, this Bacon-Wrapped Scallops recipe delivers the “wow” factor in presentation and taste with only a handful of [... more]

Going Green

We cross the imaginary line from youth to adulthood when we unwittingly begin to eat and even enjoy foods we shunned as a child. Enter asparagus. I can recall feeling left out when our whole family demanded “seconds” of my Mimi’s creamy asparagus casserole. But as an adult, cousin Kevin prepared a lovely version of the fresh veggie simply roasted with olive oil and herbs and forever recruited me as a fan. Officially grown-up. Though I still get requests for my favorite prosciutto and Neufchâtel cheese wrapped version, this [... more]