Mike Dew

An independent graphic designer and burgeoning entrepreneur, Mike Dew lives just south of the Mason-Dixon Line in Northern Kentucky. Mike earned recognition as "a top pinner dude" by Mashable and received a Golden Pinnie award from Forbes Magazine. He enjoys sharing with his audience his many finds, which can range from beautiful and elegant to exciting and masculine. Mike also explores his passion for food, design, music, culture, travel, and cooking on his Tumblr blogs: It's the Joint!, 80/20 Burgerquest, and Fire and Knives.

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Keeping Score

One of the many things I love about baseball is its rich history and layers upon layers of quirks and stories. Back in the day, people used to maintain that history by keeping score at games, but as people have moved into the digital age this simple act has become a lost art. Several years ago, I supported The Eephus League’s Baseball Scorebook Revival Project on Kickstarter, and I have bought their scorebooks every season since. Each year at baseball games I’m approached by fans asking about [... more]

My Kind of Khakis

I’m absolutely not a khakis type of guy, but every now and again I need to mix up the regular denim rotation. I like my clothing to have more of an industrial edge, and the weight and cut of Dockers Alpha Khakis fit this requirement to a T. It has the sturdiness of denim but the look of some nicer pants, and it comes in a lot of interesting colors beyond your basic tan pants. I chose a bronze color for my first pair and my next [... more]

Rolf Lives Up to the Hype

On a recent trip to Nashville, I absolutely had to make a stop at Rolf and Daughters, which Bon Appétit just named one of the best new restaurants in America. I wanted to find out for myself just how great it is. Situated a little out of the way from the honky-tonks on Broadway in the more residential area of Germantown, the restaurant has all the trappings of trendy spots: craft cocktails, communal tables, pendant lights, industrial accents, relaxed server attire. But—confession time—I dig all of this [... more]

Crafted in Kentucky

It’s no secret that people are getting hip to better beer these days, and to that effect, more and more independent breweries are popping up to meet demand. Enter Ei8ht Ball Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky, housed within The Party Source, the largest liquor store in the country, and named one of “The 23 Hottest Craft Beer Bars in America Right Now” by Eater.com. A good beer store is always a great place to go see what’s new and notable. A good beer store that not only has [... more]

Flying High

Sometimes you need to be able to get from your ski lodge retreat in the mountains to your lake or oceanside cabin without the hindrance of snow-covered switchbacks and traffic lights. As stylish as anything out of a James Bond film, LISA Airplanes’ AKOYA allows anyone with about $405,000 to be able to do just that. It is amphibious so you can take off on land, water, and snow and has a range of more than 1,000 miles. Now I just need to work on getting said [... more]

The World in Charts

Everyone is a geek these days. Whether you’re a coffee geek, a beer geek, or even just a regular old comic book geek, Pop Chart Lab has created an insanely detailed, beautifully illustrated print for whatever your obsession. By my count, I’d happily adorn my walls with no fewer than eight of their infographics, and I’m always looking forward to seeing what category they’re going to break down next. My favorite? A tie between the Meticulous Metric of Baseball Team Names and The Very, Very Many Varieties [... more]

The History of Sound City

I’m not a giant documentary watcher, with one big exception: music documentaries. From an early age, I’ve been fascinated with music and the goings-on that take place in the creation, staging, and performance of music. Sound City tracks the history of a serendipitous recording studio in Van Nuys, CA, that produced some of the greatest albums of all time from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and Nirvana. As you watch this documentary, you can’t help but get caught up in the aura. After viewing, I immediately [... more]

Not Your Granddad’s Sausage

Most Americans grew up with traditional breakfast sausage. However, certain areas of the country favor regional delicacies. In eastern Pennslvania, they serve scrapple, a fried dish of meat, spices, broth, and boiled cornmeal. Goetta (pronounced “get-uh”) falls somewhere in between. With a fried crunchy exterior and a soft, warm interior, this Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky food is similar to scrapple but contains better cuts of pork, pin oats, and spices more akin to sausage. A nice alternative to traditional sausage, Goetta boasts a unique mild flavor, which [... more]

An American Tale

On the one hand, Noble Denim is about awesome jeans, designed and handmade in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Milledgeville, Tennessee, respectively; on the other, it’s a story about handcrafted products, made in America and one small business helping another, not based solely on money but on quality. Noble was started by one guy with a vision, but as the business continues to grow, so does the line of products it offers. Its small-batch focus, which includes items such as waxed canvas pants and denim jackets, allows them to [... more]

A Boy and His Tiger

Many people have a classic book that, when they read it for the first time, changed their lives. For me, it was Yukon, Ho!, one of the many collections of Calvin and Hobbes comics by Bill Watterson. I instantly related to Calvin and his experiences with his parents, friends, and school (though I may have been a better student) and was drawn in by the dynamic and rich drawing style. The entire 10-year syndicated collection is available in a special hardcover box set called The Complete Calvin [... more]

It’ll Be Our Little Secret

If you’re a guy who enjoys the late shift, either burning the midnight oil on a project or just a regular Tuesday night out on the town, you’re no stranger to this question: “Hey man, you alright? You look tired.” Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are dead giveaways of a long night. Much like that first cup of coffee, Kiehl’s Eye Alert refreshes with a jolt of caffeine and skin-tightening vitamins. Plus, thanks to the cucumber and alfalfa extracts, it makes your face feel great. [... more]

Get Your Grill On

It’s never too early to think about grilling season, and the Argentine-style industrial grills from Grillworks are the stuff late-winter dreams are made of. Depending on the size you choose, you can barbecue ribs, whole chickens, or even whole pigs if you want. The primal satisfaction that you get from cooking over an open flame is part of the allure, and the grills just look plain awesome. But if you need another reason to use one of these beasts, grilling with wood or wood charcoal is carbon [... more]

Soul Survivor

Already a certified force of nature even before overcoming cancer in 2013, singer Sharon Jones announces her thunderous return with Give the People What They Want. The album and supporting tour were put on hold as she battled and ultimately beat the illness, and now we can, in fact, get what we want with 10 blasts of pristine and life-affirming soul music backed by the watertight and always excellent Dap-Kings band. If you’re not familiar with Jones, click above and watch the video for “Stranger To My [... more]

A Southern Drama

We’re living in a golden age of television right now, with some of the best talent, storytelling, and production values the medium has ever seen. Count HBO’s True Detective, starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey and set in coastal Louisiana, as the newest addition to the canon of recent greats—and the first (only?) season isn’t even finished yet. It’s sinister, tense, and engrossing. The more you learn about the world that has been created, based loosely on the series of short stories from the 19th century The [... more]

Portable Powerhouse

When I finally decided it was time to upgrade my workstation speakers, I looked at a range of possible options. Impressed by previously purchased JBL products, I decided on the JBL Charge. Even though it’s small (about the size of a tallboy of PBR, so there’s that), it fills my entire house with a full range of sound—with even some impressive bass for its size—via Bluetooth that connects to all of my devices. And it lasts for nearly 12 hours on a single charge. When it comes [... more]