Banjo Ballads

Not many bands can claim that they single-handedly created their own genre of music, but that’s exactly what Grace & Tony did.

Formed in Florence, Alabama, the now-married couple combined their two styles to create the “Punkgrass” sound they perform today. Says frontman Tony White (brother of John Paul White of the Civil Wars), “Punkgrass is simply a natural fusion of my punk-rock background and Grace’s Southern gospel and bluegrass upbringing.” No other term could so accurately describe their loose, upbeat, and narrative first full-length album, November, or their vibrant single “Hey Grace, Hey Tony.” Long in the making, November saw the light of day thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign launched after the release of their original EP, Inside a Seven-Track Mind, in 2011.

Their unique sound and compelling lyrics exploring love, loss, and humorous plot twists give fans the sense that they’re sharing something personal, and that connection inspires Grace & Tony in their music-making. This summer, fans and interested listeners will have the opportunity to experience the music live as the duo goes on its first full tour throughout the Southeast, starting in Steele, Alabama, on May 9, and ending in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on August 2.

Photo & Video Source: Grace & Tony | Rock Ridge Music