A Beautiful Destination

Florida artist Erin Ashley believes that art has the power to help people see things in a new light. She views her work as an avenue to find beauty in things that are so often overlooked. The self-taught artist, wife, and mom of two begins each of her pieces with no preconceived idea of what the end product will look like, but with every piece, she desires to capture and preserve the true beauty of the world around her. “Inspiration comes to me in many forms,” the artist says. “I see so much beauty in old weathered things. A new life that hides behind an old, waiting to be discovered.” Using a variety of colors, textures, and creative combinations of the old and the new, she sees her art as a journey with an unknown, yet guaranteed beautiful destination. Her abstract landscapes have been recognized by numerous publications, including Better Homes and Gardens and American Artist, and appeared in galleries and art collections in the U.S. and abroad. You can view and purchase her reasonably priced artwork on her web site or Etsy shop.