In Rhythm With Nature

Inspired by the rhythms and changing forms of the landscape, Anna Jaap uses printmaking, drawing, and painting to create soothing masterpieces with multilayered surfaces. Currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, the Texas native muses upon organic forms that can be seen at a microscopic level, but also enjoys pairing polar opposites and finding a balance between them. Her work exemplifies her belief in the power of beauty as well as the time and effort that she puts into each piece. Anna’s art consists of multiple layers and a [... more]

Rock and Roll Chair

German furniture designer Markus Krauss created the perfect seating to enjoy with your loved ones. The Sway is a visually light rocking chair whose unique design allows for multiple seating arrangements, including a lounge chair for one or a chair for two or three. Handmade with a powder-coated steel frame and a padded and upholstered cushion, the Sway features a patented “telescope” mechanism that locks it into a stationary position. But be warned: This type of ingenuity isn’t cheap. The flexible chair will run you more than [... more]

A Personal Touch

If you want to find a real-life Aidan from Sex and the City, head to Atlanta, Georgia. There you’ll find Kendrick Anderson, who creates custom furniture from his own self-named shop. While studying English literature in college, Kendrick became transfixed with the idea of building a table. With no personal experience in woodworking, he looked to his family’s history—his grandfather owned a sawmill/lumberyard and his father builds custom homes. After that initial piece, Kendrick realized woodworking was in his blood. He says his inspiration comes from a [... more]

Art on a String

Contemporary artist Gabriel Dawe creates grand structures out of rainbow-colored string as part of his site-specific Plexus Series. The way he twists and turns the brightly hued thread gives the illusion of movement and allows the works to transform depending on the lighting and angle viewed. Because of their sheer size and complexity, his installations have the power to stop you in your tracks, captivating you for hours. Although these works were displayed in his current hometown of Dallas, other pieces appear at museums across the country and [... more]

A Family Affair

Woodworker Randy Cochran has been building furniture for more than 40 years. From his first commissioned piece in 1972 to the signature rocking chairs produced at his Wood Studio in Arley, Alabama, Randy’s work exemplifies the best of fine woodworking. He opened the studio in 1986 after spending some 15 years designing and building furniture as a hobby. Working with individuals and professionals alike, Wood Studio builds high-quality furnishings for both residential and commercial projects. Randy’s sons, Keith and Dylan, graduated from Auburn University and help operate [... more]

Shelve the Discussion

Where do you keep your favorite reading material, book lovers? Unless you have a private library, the stacks of books that you accumulate can overtake your living spaces. Organize your collection of bestsellers with a fun and creative bookshelf. Imaginative options range from whimsical sayings to geometric shapes. One product labels the shelves “Has been read” and “Will be read” to keep your tomes separated. Another spells out the word “Read” in massive letters, which you fill in with your reading collection. Books add culture and entertainment [... more]

Trend Alert: Origami

The ancient art of transforming paper into intricate figures, origami has now taken hold of the home design world. Furniture designers inspired by the simplicity and grace of origami shape, fold, and mold materials, including steel, into beautiful chairs, sofas, tables, wall hangings, lamps, and even curtains. The elegance of the origami pieces combined with the functional practicality ensures that this trend will be around for years to come. Our favorite piece, the Origami Sofa Bed from Cattelan Italia, offers a sleek alternative to the traditional futon.

A Brave New World

The designing of the new Atlanta Braves stadium, and the challenges that ensue, begins with architects from Populous, a Kansas City-based firm. In a recent interview the principal in charge of the project described the new stadium as containing 41,500 seats for a more “intimate” feel for fans. The exterior, yet to be completely figured out, will be transparent in some way. This project differs from others because Populous plans to build an adjacent development to the stadium full of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and offices simultaneously [... more]

Going Bold

Using red in your home’s design seems daunting, but the color heightens senses and, depending on the shade and context, can set a room’s mood. When thinking about bringing the color into your own home, consider these tips: Use red on all walls to add intimacy to a room, or just paint one accent wall to transform the proportions of a narrow room. Create an inviting atmosphere with red accents, including chairs or drapery. Establish the mood of a room by carefully choosing the other colors in [... more]

Raise the Bar

With summer months fast approaching, it’s time to get your backyard entertainment-ready. We suggest starting with the North Beach Bar ($978), one of our favorite new outdoor pieces. Created by Modern Digs Furniture, the bar consists of an aluminum frame wrapped by a woven synthetic material that’s been UV-treated to withstand the elements. The North Beach Bar’s six built-in shelves store various items, making it not only stylish but also functional. And the item comes in one piece, meaning no assembly needed. So what are you waiting for? [... more]

How Low Will You Go?

A mattress on the floor brings back memories of your first college apartment when the luxury of owning a bed wasn’t in the cards. Now, the minimalistic look has made a comeback and not just with the young 20-somethings. It appeals to all demographics for its low, understated profile and elemental comfort. Some like the simple elegance of the mattress on the floor because it takes up very little space, making the room appear larger. The problem we’ve noticed, however, is finding a nightstand the appropriate height. [... more]

Attractive Wall

Instead of putting holes in your walls each time you want to personalize your home, why not try a magnetic wall created by none other than you. The ease of this DIY project will surprise you. Simply buy magnetic paint at your local home improvement store and paint the area you desire, whether it be kitchen cabinets, a hallway wall, or an old door frame. The magnetic-paint wall lets you hang pictures and artwork with ease, but also doubles as a chalkboard. Kids love an area where [... more]

Just Add Paint (Or Stain)

Give your old furniture a modern makeover by adding fun, colorful paint! You can create a one-of-a-kind piece by simply painting just the drawers or adding geometric or floral patterns. My favorite technique is not painting the entire piece, leaving some of the character of the wood to show through. Another idea is to use multiple wood stains to give it more dimension. My approach to this project would be to photograph the piece, then play around with the color choices and patterns in Photoshop to get [... more]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Want to renew your home quickly? You can do so in three easy fixes. First, de-clutter your space. For example, in the bathroom, remove leftover shampoo bottles and soap. The muddle of unused products creates messiness and disorder. Minimalism is key. Next, trade mirrors from one room to another. By doing so, you can mix up your design and add contrast to rooms. Finally, to give your home that fresh feeling, clean your wood floors. Shiny floors make your home look cleaner and younger instantly. Happy spring [... more]

Double Duty

A new design from Emanuele Canova, an Italian innovation company, offers two furnishings in one. This clever, multi-functional piece acts as a couch and a bookcase. Located underneath the seating, the bookcase provides optimum storage for a small reading collection. The “Bucefalo Sofa,” which gets its name from a legendary black horse so huge and powerful that only Alexander the Great could tame it, features clean lines and a unique industrial design. Available in black and white, the skeletal sofa is sure to be the focal point [... more]