Living Large

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recently released a few tricks of the trade to help homeowners make the most of a small kitchen. First, choose sleek and modern appliances to give you the same luxuries found in a larger kitchen. Also, use a mix of both natural and ambient lighting. Recessed and pendant fixtures provide critical task lighting, while bay windows and skylights visually expand your kitchen space to create an airy, open feel. Adopt creative storage solutions, such as pullout shelves or an under-counter lazy [... more]

Simply Sleek

This sleek, modern Atlanta guesthouse and swimming pool were situated on a 60- x 120-foot site once occupied by a tennis court. Along the northern edge, the guesthouse provides a backdrop to the pool and terrace when viewed from the main house. Sliding glass panels and clerestory windows along the Southern facade create an open pavilion aesthetic. Primarily a wood-framed structure, the guesthouse used concealed wood posts and beams to accommodate large window and door openings along the Southern facade. The concealed beams help create a “floating [... more]

Next Best Thing

Many people choose traditional wood floors for the cozy feeling they bring to a home. However, hardwood flooring is expensive and time-consuming to install. Floating wood floors offer the look and feel of solid wood floors but go down more quickly and cost a fraction of real wood floors. Floating flooring, also known as engineered flooring, install by gluing or snapping the planks together rather than adhering to the floor itself. This means you can install the flooring on any surface, including areas with high humidity, which [... more]

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

To decorate with the color black, you have to be pretty bold. That, or a member of the Addams family. But if done correctly, it can make a dramatic visual impact. We recommend starting relatively small, such as with an accent wall. Painting one wall in a room black immediately adds an air of elegance and sophistication. It also creates a stunning backdrop for light-colored accessories, such as gold picture frames or bright-white artwork. And, if you need another reason to try this, remember, just as with [... more]

Patterns to Add Personality

If you want to spice up your home this spring, consider adding richly patterned tiles. Whether used on the floor, the walls, or even the ceiling, tiles break up the monotony of a room and transform a space from ho-hum to hubba-hubba! Just make sure that the patterns and colors you choose don’t distract or clash with the rest of your décor. Rather, they should complement the space and pull your scheme together. See more of this kitchen design here:

A Splash of Color

Maybe it’s the lack of color from a cold winter, but my home has been looking a little too pale lately. So this spring, I’m planning on bringing in a few more bright hues with accessories—such as these painted baskets. The mix of vibrant color and natural fibers creates a nice balance that’s refreshing to the eye. The best part is, I can easily DIY them with finds from the thrift store, and experiment by color blocking with regular craft paint. Photo Source: Karen Kimmel

The Innovation Table

The Fletcher Capstan Table, named after its British creator David Fletcher of Fletcher Burwell-Taylor, makes our collective heart skip a beat. We can imagine sitting around this beautiful piece of craftsmanship and engaging in one, unified conversation. Most round tables can fit no more than six to eight people, but the innovative Fletcher Capstan Table expands, either manually or electronically, to double its seating capacity while staying perfectly round. Another bonus, the expansion leaves cleverly store inside the table. While the table is pricey (starting at a [... more]

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

There is something very classic and glamorous about copper. Accent pieces such as a hanging lamp or a planter can really add warmth to your decor. Copper is versatile enough to either complement or contrast with most decor styles, whether you’re going for a rustic, modern, or industrial look. Copper is also fairly easy to maintain and clean, so you can be sure that it will look good for a long time. Search for copper fixtures at your local hardware store for fun DIY ideas, or upcycle [... more]

Old-World Luxury

When I was looking to buy my first house, a number of “must haves” won out over the luxury of a large bath. But if I ever move, one of the items that I’m sure I’ll be looking for is a bathroom large enough for a clawfoot tub. Just looking at a photo of one of these classic and elegantly shaped tubs relaxes me a little, which tells me that actually having one will feel all the more indulgent.

Gray Matter

Gray is one of my favorite colors due to its versatility and simple elegance. It works with every style of interior design, from modern to shabby chic. When going gray, keep your palette monochromatic for a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Pair this hue with bare woods for a rustic look, or go modern with colorful accents such as rugs, lamps, and artwork. Like other neutral colors, the shade and temperature of gray will have very different effects, warmer tones will be inviting and calming, while cooler shades [... more]

Artistry, Inside and Out

The Savannah College of Art and Design has famously linked itself to the City of Savannah, Georgia, over the years by transforming historic buildings into new functions for entertainment, student life, and design studios. The new SCAD Museum of Art is no exception. The railroad depot, a Historic Landmark, now thrives as an art community with galleries, classrooms, art studios, a theater, and public spaces. I visited the museum last year and recommend first experiencing it at night. The sidewalk approach gently lights up the path while [... more]

Fine As a Fiddle

It seems that these days, a home doesn’t quite have that “expertly designed” look unless it’s got a fiddle leaf fig tree in the corner. And quite frankly, it’s a trend my black thumb has been envious of for some time. The jury is still out on whether or not this West African plant is easy or difficult to keep healthy (some say all it takes is indirect light and watering after the soil is dry; others complain that the plant gets stressed for a number of [... more]

Mad About Mint

Once a trendy color, mint has now transformed into a classic shade. It has a vibrant, fun effect on any space, whether you choose to paint an entire room in the color or just throw in one accent piece—for example, a sofa or headboard. And because it pairs equally well with neutrals (such as brown, tan, black, or white) and bright colors (such as the citrus shades of lemon yellow and orange), mint is ultra-versatile. Photo Source: Donald Lococo Architects

Copper in the Kitchen

Copper pots have long been a symbol of an experienced cook—and in my mind, there’s hardly anything like this classic metallic hue for adding warmth and old-world charm to a modern kitchen. Lately, I’ve seen a wide range of accessories beyond the standard cookware, and I’m definitely a fan. Range hoods and copper sinks create a rustic farmhouse feel, while visible canisters on the countertop and shiny overhead pendants deliver a more contemporary approach. Extremely versatile, copper varies in both sheen and texture, so you can even [... more]

Interactive Furniture

It’s hard for me to imagine that one of the coolest companies to offer interactive architectural experiences from furniture to installations would be based in Jackson, Mississippi. Instead, when I think of Jackson, I imagine Johnny Cash and June Carter singing the 1967 classic by that name. Nonetheless, NunoErin, a conjoined name of its founders and creative officers Nuno Goncalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne, the duo is creating some exciting objects that you actually have to play with to believe—from daylight sensored walls, to touch-sensitive LED benches [... more]