An Affair with Indigo

Want to make a quick color statement without a lot of commitment? Try indigo. Because of the rich undertones of this vibrant color, indigo adds impact with just a few accessories. Use it strategically around your home by pairing it with the right colors (white, gray, and even rich wood tones). The bold hue plays well in both traditional and modern homes, demonstrating the essence of style versatility. Expect this inky blue to carry well into 2014, especially in fabrics. Photo Source: Pottery Barn

Wonderful in White

Often, one of the first things we do when redecorating a room is pull out the paint deck and start weighing the color options. But lately, I seem to be drawn to rooms designed with a very distinct feature: white walls. By keeping the backdrop devoid of color, the room’s other features stand out: Art becomes more impactful, the hues of the wood furniture look a little richer, and a hodgepodge collection seems more pulled together. These examples show that white walls are anything but boring. Photo [... more]

Beyond the Barn

Barn doors are the ultimate versatile solution to dividing up a space, while adding charm and functionality. Paint the door a bright hue for a pop of color. Use chalkboard paint to transform a simple sliding door into a practical and playful wall. While traditional, reclaimed barn doors can create that rustic feel, the contrast with a modern setting can be intriguing and makes a great focus point in a room. Opt for glass sliding doors to provide a sound barrier while still letting light through. Photo Source: Real Carriage Door Co.

Dressed-Up Pegboards

Believe it or not, pegboards are making their way out of the garage and into the house, popping up in new, creative roles all over the home. I personally love the idea of organizing pots and pans in the kitchen with pegboard painted to match the wall color. It keeps your most used items within easy reach, freeing cabinet space for the appliances that clutter up your counters. You can also turn a pegboard into a headboard or functional art by painting it a bold color in [... more]

Always the Optimist

Atlanta restaurateur Ford Fry, designer Smith Haynes, and architect Tim Nichols whip up an amazing experience for this classic seafood restaurant and oyster bar, named The Optimist. The design has a chic sense of nostalgia as most of the spatial inspiration came from Instagram images of seafood plans and ‘70s Venice Beach surf lifestyle. The building renovation (or more aptly, a rehabilitation) enhances the existing steel truss-work while featuring amazing new custom details such as steel windows, antique wood strips inspired by lobster traps, and glass pendants [... more]

Map Quest

Love to travel? Satisfy your wanderlust by decorating your home with maps. Use a vintage print of your favorite city, or a wall-size mural of the world to create a colorful focal point. Another idea is to break up and display the map using multiple frames. Maps can work in virtually every room, from the living room to bath, your home office, to a child’s bedroom. Look for them at flea markets, or specialty paper shops. Photo Source: Home Designing