No More Keys With Kevo

We’ve all been there: You come home with your hands full of heavy bags. You struggle to balance your load while reaching for your keys, but you end up having to drop everything to actually find them. Kwikset’s Kevo makes this problem a thing of the past thanks to Bluetooth technology. Simply link your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to your door lock and then keep your mobile device anywhere on your person. To open the door, all you have to do is touch it with your [... more]

Wocket for Your Pocket

When tech company NXT-ID announced its plans to release the Wocket Smart Wallet, the gadget was touted as the “next natural step in the evolution of smart devices.” This new device locks all your private information into an electronic “vault” to reduce the number of credit cards and miscellaneous papers you must keep physically on you. This minimizes the chances of your personal items being misplaced or stolen. During the set up, you swipe your credit cards and ID and enter or scan membership cards. The information [... more]

Get Sauced!

Just in time for the peak of grill season, Trifecta Gourmet Sauces adds a new product to its line of succulent, lick-off-your-fingers barbecue sauces. Joining the company’s existing three flavors—Original BBQ, Sweet Heat BBQ, and Blazing BBQ—Kentucky Bourbon Marinade blends sweet brown sugar, tangy citrus, a mix of vinegars, and Kentucky bourbon whiskey. And like the other three Trifecta sauces, the marinade is both all-natural and gluten-free. Order your bottle today and experience the rich taste of Kentucky’s signature bourbon.        Photo Credit: Trifecta Gourmet [... more]

KillSpencer, Not Your iPhone

If you’re like us, your iPhone is one of your most prized possessions. Protect it with the new ultra-thin KILLSPENCER Card Carrier 2.0 case. Both durable and sleek, this phone case combines the beauty of stained wood with the protection of a hard case. As a bonus, the product also helps organize cards, possibly eliminating the need for a wallet or purse. The case holds up to three cards safely and securely in the pebbled-leather pocket on the back. Consolidate your phone and cards with a case [... more]


Philips recently introduced an LED light bulb that can last up to 20 years. Yes, you read that right…20 years! The LED A Shape bulb saves not only consumer energy (which would otherwise be spent replacing multiple light bulbs in the lifespan of this one bulb), but also saves $130.62 in energy costs. According to tests performed by Philips, the average life span of one bulb is 22 years if it were to be left on for 3 hours every day. The opaque orange bulb emits a [... more]

Capturing the Future

The new Lytro Illum Camera ($1,499 for preorder) offers a sneak peek into the promise of light-field photography while also giving the camera a chic updated look. Instead of having to deal with studio light and impossible glare edits, this innovative piece of technology allows photographers (no matter the level of experience) to snap away without lighting restrictions. Not new to the world of high-end photography, Lytro introduced in 2012 the world’s first consumer light-field camera, which provided photographic capabilities never before possible, such as focusing an image [... more]

Recharge with Fire

It’s hard to go off the grid. Even explorers need a way to reach help in the event of an emergency. You can now charge your phone virtually anywhere thanks to the BioLite CampStove ($130). This gadget generates electricity and charges devices through the heat it generates, rendering traditional outlets unnecessary. All you need is a USB cable and you’re good to go. The fast-lighting stove also offers serious warmth with only the addition of a few twigs to start the fire. Now you can enjoy all [... more]

The Dirty Guv’nahs on Fire

Called a “fiercely soulful band” by The Boston Globe, The Dirty Guv’nahs have recently been making waves in the music industry. The six-member band from Knoxville, Tennessee, recently released their third full-length album, “Hearts on Fire,” with great success, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. Filled with passionate lyrics and an inspiring Southern rock vibe, the new album’s 11 tracks are best enjoyed on a lazy summer day. Their current tour stops in cities across the South, including their hometown of Knoxville, among others.

Mega Music

Listening to music usually requires the assistance of speakers. You connect your iPod, smartphone, or MP3, hit play, and enjoy your playlist. That’s the traditional way to do it; however, you can now amplify your favorite music without any speakers at all. The iPhone Megaphone from en&is plays music as loud as many speaker systems and with the same sound quality. Made for all iPhone models and available in several different colors and sizes, the megaphone features a cornucopia shape designed to optimize your listening experience. Additionally, [... more]

Banjo Ballads

Not many bands can claim that they single-handedly created their own genre of music, but that’s exactly what Grace & Tony did. Formed in Florence, Alabama, the now-married couple combined their two styles to create the “Punkgrass” sound they perform today. Says frontman Tony White (brother of John Paul White of the Civil Wars), “Punkgrass is simply a natural fusion of my punk-rock background and Grace’s Southern gospel and bluegrass upbringing.” No other term could so accurately describe their loose, upbeat, and narrative first full-length album, November, [... more]

Bluetooth Your Fitness

Wireless earphones are kind of cool. Wireless earphones that track your pace, heart rate, steps, cadence, and oxygen saturation, and act as a bluetooth headset for phone calls—well, that’s a lot of cool. Imagine going on a run and listening to music without getting tangled up in cords. Now, take that scenario a step further: Imagine doing that while gauging nearly every aspect of your fitness along the way. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (parent company Bragi raised nearly $3.4 million), The Dash Smart Earphones are [... more]

Tracking Made Easy

Never lose your luggage again with the hot new product TrakDot. This game-changing device traces your baggage anywhere in the world using newly patented micro-electronics and cell phone technologies, and can even locate bags in metal containers, including parked aircraft and cars. The ultra-lightweight innovation sends notifications to your smartphone or allows you to track your luggage online. FCC certified and FAA compliant, the TrackDot works wherever a GSM cellular network exists. The Trakdot’s price of $89.99 includes service and activation fees.

A Wrist Revolution

Not your ordinary watch, the Rufus Cuff boasts features that far surpass the mere telling of time. With an advanced touch-screen like the one on a smartphone, Web access, and downloadable applications, this complex device becomes much more valuable than your other trusty timepieces. Additionally, a built-in microphone, speaker, and camera allow you to answer and place voice or video calls right from your wrist and your connected iPhone or Android. Reserve one now and you could be sporting your own by September. One look at the Rufus [... more]

Don’t Fear the Beard

Sporting a full-grown beard isn’t just a style choice—it’s a lifestyle as well. At least, that’s what Beardbrand believes. The company sells American-made maintenance products and offers styling tips specifically designed for the “urban beardsman.” From a variety of combs, to scented beard oil and mustache wax, Beardbrand strives to make beard care a luxury experience. Customer favorites include grooming collections, such as the Beardsman’s Kit ($170), which comes with mustache wax, three different combs, a boar’s hair brush, trimming scissors, and your choice of Beardbrand beard [... more]

A Virtual Whiskey Sommelier

A glass of bourbon after a grueling day can be a refreshing thing. So can a nightcap out with old friends. Choosing the right bourbon is half the battle. Fortunately, there’s an app for that. Distiller is like having a whiskey aficionado living inside your iPhone or iPad. You choose the setting of where you’ll be enjoying your drink (on the patio, at a bar, by a fireplace, etc) and your taste preferences, and Distiller creates a tailored list of recommendations, complete with tasting notes and a [... more]