A Southern Drama

We’re living in a golden age of television right now, with some of the best talent, storytelling, and production values the medium has ever seen. Count HBO’s True Detective, starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey and set in coastal Louisiana, as the newest addition to the canon of recent greats—and the first (only?) season isn’t even finished yet. It’s sinister, tense, and engrossing. The more you learn about the world that has been created, based loosely on the series of short stories from the 19th century The [... more]

The World (of Books) Is One’s Oyster

Netflix has created a cultural movement of binge-watching TV shows. Oyster is looking to do something similar with books. Providing unlimited access to more than 100,000 e-books for just $9.95 a month, it literally is the closest thing to a “Netflix of Books” (as it bills itself). Oyster’s library is not a “bargain bin” filled with works that nobody has ever read. It features books from well-known publishers (HarperCollins, Houghton Mifflin, RosettaBooks, to name a few) that are on board with their product. And unlike with Netflix, [... more]

Portable Powerhouse

When I finally decided it was time to upgrade my workstation speakers, I looked at a range of possible options. Impressed by previously purchased JBL products, I decided on the JBL Charge. Even though it’s small (about the size of a tallboy of PBR, so there’s that), it fills my entire house with a full range of sound—with even some impressive bass for its size—via Bluetooth that connects to all of my devices. And it lasts for nearly 12 hours on a single charge. When it comes [... more]

Game Changer

Pebble first made serious waves as the most successful Kickstarter project ever. It was the first true consumer-facing smartwatch and offered more functionality that most consumers hadn’t seen up to that point. The one thing it did lack? Aesthetic value. Sure, the watch face was decently designed, but it didn’t offer anything that you could wear in a more formal situation. Now, they’ve changed that. Since their initial product was so well received, they’ve upgraded their smartwatch with Pebble Steel. It offers the same functionality as the [... more]

Reinventing the Spy

There are only a few television shows that I like to evangelize about. “Archer” is without a doubt, hands down, one of them. If you like your adult cartoons to be action-themed, fast-paced and so jam-packed full of jokes that it takes several viewings to catch all of them, then check out FX’s “Archer.” It is all that and more. Season Five known as ‘Archer Vice’ takes the entire original premise of the show and turns it on its head going from private (and highly illegal) spy [... more]