Cuff ‘Em

Ever watched one of those commercials where elderly people are saved by wearing a necklace with an emergency alert button, and you thought, “That’s so ugly and ridiculous… but I kind of want one”?

Now, thanks to Cuff’s wearable technology, you’re in luck . This startup company is seeking to create a line of fashionable and extremely wearable jewelry pieces designed to keep you safe in any situation. Basically, bracelets, necklaces, arm cuffs, etc., will have a Cuff technology button – programmed to connect to your iOS app and specified contacts – inserted discretely. This way, if you feel like someone is following you home, you can subtly press a button on the underside of your stylish safety bracelet to notify specified contacts that you might be in trouble. Currently this technology is still under production and can only be pre-ordered, but the product should be available soon this summer. So, if you’d like you and your loved ones to feel a little bit safer on a day-to-day basis, consider Cuff-ing them!


CUFF Technology jewelry