It’s All in the Cuffs

Ever felt like you wear the same styles over and over again, yet you yearn for something that sets you apart from the everyday, mundane wardrobe? Finn Apparel has you covered (or is it cuffed?). Their classic vintage guy’s pants are perfect for everyday wear, but for days when you need a little something extra, just roll up the cuff to expose a one of a kind splash of color to be sure to get you noticed.

The creators of Finn Apparel began brainstorming to design an awesome pair of pants with a desire to create great quality clothing without a logo or label to set them apart from the competitors. What they came up with is a new way to accent your look without having to add multiple pieces to your wardrobe.

Finn Apparel

Finn Apparel Hem Trouser

Up close and personal


Sure, you can have a classic pair of pants to wear for everyday, but on those days when you need just a bit of spring in your step, why not flip up the cuff on those awesome pair of classic, vintage pants and reveal a colorful side to your personality?