Digital Storyteller

Of late, whenever Facebook launches a new mobile app, it’s a lackluster affair. The app doesn’t catch fire and eventually fizzles out. However, with their new Paper app, I think they may have finally figured out mobile. Paper offers a user experience very similar to Flipboard. Basically, it arranges information the way the mobile version of Newsfeed should. It helps you organize your feed into different sections (i.e. News, Humor, Tech, etc.) and maintains all the Facebook functionality you would find with its original app. You can still post, like, comment, and even take photos from Paper. What Paper does lack is the ability to create and organize your own sections like you can with interests lists in the traditional Newsfeed. As the app takes off, I could see this added later. Perhaps Paper could even eventually take over the original app as the go-to mobile Facebook experience. Have you downloaded Paper? What do you think?