Nashville’s New Sinema

Nashville’s brand new restaurant Sinema opened June 27 and has some big plans. Its goal is to provide an accessible fine dining experience with modern spins on classic dishes. The menu is full of a diverse arrangement of American foods, while staying unique to Nashville traditions and flavors. Dale Levitski, winner of many awards and the runner-up on the third season of Top Chef, came down from Chicago to start Sinema and has been working hard with Q-Juan Taylor to mesh hospitality with fine dining. The interior has what they call “The Grand Lobby,” complete with a spiral staircase. Legendary musicians are framed on the exposed brick walls and smiles are framed on everyone working there.

Sinema Nashville

Sinema Nashville Dale Levitski Q-Juan Taylor

Q-Juan Taylor (far left) and Dale Levitski (far right) | Photo Credit: Anthony Matula