Get It &Go

Does this sound familiar? On any given day, you spend eight hours (or more) at work, hit the gym for a workout, and then a friend calls about dinner plans – only you have zero time to go home and change. You look like a hot mess, but constantly compromising your schedule to fit everything in is less than ideal. And if you prepared ahead of time, you’d have to practically pack a suitcase for the car every day. Can you imagine the laundry? No. Just no.

Recently, we heard about &Go from Lululemon, a new line of transitional activewear for women that hopes to solve the modern dilemma of the all-around active lifestyle. Expanding on the idea of both style and practicality, these pieces that transition from morning to night and all occasions in between with ease.




Our favorite is the flirty and flouncy Get It On Skirt, which is perfect for a work lunch, followed by a game of tennis, followed by meeting friends for drinks. Trust us:  there’s so much variety in this new line, staying active will no longer get in the way of staying active!