Give Me the Gimlet

There’s simply something about warm summer nights that makes them seem perfect for anything. They bring people together to share a meal on a restaurant patio; they let the kids tire themselves out after hours of play in the pool; and they also allow adults a chance to knock back a few drinks and relax. Emphasis on the few drinks part.

The next time you have a get-together with friends – whether a small and casual dinner on the back porch, or an extravagant rooftop party – wow your guests with these fun, creative, and delicious Cucumber Gimlet Shots. While this gin, cucumber, simple syrup, and lime juice shot is a tasty cocktail, the real fun starts with its unique ‘shot glass.’

Cucumber Gimlet Shots

Weapons of Succulence


Made from actual pieces of peeled and hollowed-out cucumber, these cucumber shot glasses are edible and look pretty darn fancy. It may take a little more time to prepare than simply pouring into traditional shot glasses, but the effect is worth it. And since no one likes washing dishes in the heat, this unique presentation also means there’s no washing glasses later!