Great Bear: Great Candles

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt like you’ve been punched in the nose, then perhaps you understand the reasoning behind Jake Carnley’s subtly scented candles. Tired of the “highly scented room dominators” commonly found with mass producers, Carnley’s Great Bear Wax Co. prefers to take the small batch approach: every scent is carefully and repeatedly tested, perfecting a balance of notes that won’t assault the senses.

Unlike the typical paraffin variety, each candle is made with locally-sourced, natural beeswax or American-grown soy wax. Fragrances like Tobacco Bay, Patchouli Jasmine, and Bay Rum are produced in batches of twenty and housed in either glass mason jars or charming handmade ceramic containers. If you’re looking for other gift ideas, the waxes and oils are also used for a handful of other products for proper man grooming: the beard oil and mustache wax leave a charming scent of Rosemary and Clove Bud behind.

Great Bear Wax Company