Hardly a Wallet (And That’s the Way We Like It)

Like the movie industry, the fashion world can feel like a place full of watered-down remakes. But, on rare occasion – if you get the right mix of people and materials, maybe even a sprinkling of fresh ideas thrown in – the new version can end up better than the original. And that’s exactly what we think happened with this new approach to a sleek, durable, and simple aluminum wallet from Machine Era Co.

There’s not much going on here, and that’s what we like. It’s just a high-grade aluminum shell with an elastic band to secure your cash, holds up to six cards, and can fit discreetly and comfortably in your front or back pocket.


Machine Era Co. Wallet

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s made in Virginia from one piece of cut aluminum and comes in a nice assortment of colors. Even if the wallet is redone once more after this, we’re pretty sure the new versions won’t be better anytime soon!