Hat Trick

A hat is like a moustache: If you notice it right away, it probably looks bad on you. It’s an accessory that some people pull off flawlessly, while others wish a strong gust of wind would blow it into a puddle so they would have a reason to get rid of it. The first step in the hunt for a good hat is finding the type that suits your head and style; we’ve picked a few to get you started.

A baseball-inspired classic, the six-panel hat looks good on most people, but you might not want to represent the Braves (or your team of preference) everywhere you go. Step up the class with this Patrik Ervell Classic Six Panel Cap ($116) that you can wear just about anywhere.

The fedora is a fashion hit or miss (and more often than not, it’s a miss), but if you consistently wear more formal attire, the fedora can become a tasteful staple. We’ve found a safe one to start with in the CA4LA Stitched Trilby Hat ($132) that won’t make you look like you’re trying to prove something. The gray cotton chapeau features a contrasting brown leather band.

The latest trend in upstairs accessories, the five-panel hat is available in the wildest materials and prints you can imagine. We like the Xanadu Five Panel ($36) from The Quiet Life because the different fabric colors really show off the construction of the five distinct panels.

Also featured above: The Quiet Life Floral Snapback ($36). Lanvin Straw Hat ($424). The Quiet Life Denim Five Panel ($38).