Honey Brie

Known as the “king of cheeses,” Brie dates back to the year 774, when French emperor Charlemagne first tasted this soft cheese and immediately fell in love with it. Today, commoners like us are able to enjoy the mild, sweet flavors of Brie, usually as an appetizer. With its bloomy white rind, a wheel of this delicious cheese not only looks elegant but also keeps guests coming back for more.

This recipe for Baked Brie With Rosemary, Honey, and Candied Walnuts calls for a few sprigs of rosemary and a liberal amount of honey over the Brie before you pop it in the oven. The rosemary caramelizes in the honey and the Brie itself melts to perfection. Once it’s done, serve with crackers or bread and the candied walnuts. Then stand back and watch the creamy, warm cheese get devoured before your very eyes.

Photo Credit: Will Cook For Friends