Horribly Funny

The slogan for the new and very popular game Cards Against Humanity takes an only slightly tongue-in-cheek jab at itself and the people who play it: “A free party game for horrible people.” That doesn’t sound like good marketing to us. While we’re sure many really nice people play this game, their momma’s might not approve of the language and inevitable scenarios.

This Apples-to-Apples type of game asks the players to insert the funniest/most offensive/most awkward card instead of looking for the card that best fits the subject. People might already play Apples-to-Apples this way, but the choices make it easier than ever to create wildly inappropriate responses. We have to admit that even though it’s so very un-PC, it’s pretty funny, so grab some cards and enjoy game night with friends who have the same kind of horrible humor as you.