In Rhythm With Nature

Inspired by the rhythms and changing forms of the landscape, Anna Jaap uses printmaking, drawing, and painting to create soothing masterpieces with multilayered surfaces. Currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, the Texas native muses upon organic forms that can be seen at a microscopic level, but also enjoys pairing polar opposites and finding a balance between them. Her work exemplifies her belief in the power of beauty as well as the time and effort that she puts into each piece.

Anna’s art consists of multiple layers and a lengthy process that begins with her referencing biological and medical books, textiles, décor, and her own botanical photography. Drawing on the inspiration she finds within her reference work, Anna slowly begins building her masterpieces layer by layer, combining acrylic, charcoal, transfer drawings, and other elements. The artist can spend months and sometimes years developing groups of eight or ten pieces at a time.

Allowing for freedom of interpretation while also encouraging extreme appreciation for the beauty found in nature, Anna’s paintings hang in high-profile locales all over the world, including the offices of such corporations as Tiffany, Ralph Lauren Home, and Paramount Pictures.