An Industrial Chic Luminary

This Decker Table Lamp ($365) from Southern Lights Electric in Nashville, Tennessee adds an industrial element to any space. This handmade product has a solid wood base that is felt-lined to prevent scratching surfaces. Also featuring a turnkey socket for easy operation, the lamp’s exposed cord creates an effortless look to the piece. The arms are made of steel and brass and are fully adjustable, reaching and moving in a variety of directions and positions.

Each lighting project made by Southern Lights Electric is handmade and packed with detail. The Decker Table lamp is no exception, with an 8-inch hand-spun crystal shade to complete its look. With the combination of its unique shape, material and detailing, this lamp is the definition of industrial chic.


Southern Lights Electric Nashville Tennessee

Southern Lights Electric Co. | Handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee