Keeping Up With The Hamiltons

A lot happened in Texas in 1883. The state hosted what some believe was the world’s very first rodeo; The University of Texas was founded; and the Hamilton family started making fine shirts for men. The company adopted the motto “quality above all” and has stood by that statement for more than a century. Unlike mass-produced products, each Hamilton Shirt begins with a roll of fabric pulled off the shelf of the brand’s single, pristine Texas workshop. The fabric is hand-cut and constructed from start to finish, one shirt at a time.


Hamilton Shirts

Hamilton Bros. storefront in Houston, Texas


For the Hamilton Bespoke, the company’s most popular product, you have to visit one of the carefully selected retail stores for a fitting by a professional who measures every inch of you from your waist to your chin. Made-to-measure shirts are most-often based on the measurements of just your collar, chest, waist, and arms. However, the Hamilton Bespoke has limitless customization.

Hamilton Shirts

Hamilton traditionally only makes two shirts: the dress shirt and the 1883 sport shirt; but currently, they are temporarily offering a western-style shirt designed by Texan Lyle Lovett that features the iconic double pockets and is available in a variety of solids, checks, stripes, and prints. You can rest assured that just like the Bespoke, this new shirt will uphold the “quality above all” claim.