Look Good Working Hard

Okay so looking good probably isn’t your number one priority when you’re out working, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get functional work clothes that just happen to look really good together. We started with a sturdily weaved WearGuard work shirt that will protect you from whatever you run into on your workday. Pair it with some durable Mountain Khaki’s and some Red Wing work boots that are made to order from their US factory. Combine these staples with dripping sweat and a job well done and you’ll look better than anyone on the runway.

WearGuard Lon-Sleeve Chambray Work Shirt ($30). Mountain Khakis Original Field Pant ($100). Red Wing Shoes 815 8-inch Boot ($285). Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves ($27). Filson Tin Cloth Bush Hat ($65). Machine Era Co. Black Aluminum Wallet ($28). Dr. Martens Ultra Protector ($10).