The (Not So) Ordinary Restaurant

Make a different kind of withdrawal from this South Carolina bank turned not-so-ordinary restaurant. Featuring Southern seafood and an oyster bar, The Ordinary makes everyday cuisine feel new and fresh.

The Ordinary is on the frontlines of the farm-to-table movement, and they take their food very seriously. Only traditional methods and the freshest ingredients are used to create each dish, overcoming many of the old seafood and oyster bar stigmas. Each of their wines and cocktails are also hand-picked, paired to perfectly compliment the raw oysters and seafood.



The Raw Bar


According to Charleston City Paper, the name for The Ordinary comes from “the old British term for a tavern that served a regular meal to its guests at a fixed price.” We think the name is simply a way to bring attention to how unique this beautiful eatery really is.



Lobster Roll


To support surrounding fishermen, crabbers, farmers and producers, The Ordinary buys all of its seafood locally – and the proof is in the taste. If you’re ever traveling through the Charleston area, then you definitely won’t want to miss this extra-ordinary treat!



The Ordinary Charleston

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