Space Replace in Raleigh

As Southern cities like Raleigh, North Carolina become more densely populated, the development of a multi-functional space becomes more of a challenge. And that’s exactly how hip urbanization projects for compact design like raleigh [ ] space are born. Formed by local art community Deco Raleigh and students at NCSU College of Design, raleigh [ ] space’s Kickstarter campaign seeks to create “parklets”: versatile, highly functional areas in urban communities.   What is a parklet, you ask? Basically, it’s just a small space – as in, the size of two parallel parking spots [... more]

Hardly a Wallet (And That’s the Way We Like It)

Like the movie industry, the fashion world can feel like a place full of watered-down remakes. But, on rare occasion – if you get the right mix of people and materials, maybe even a sprinkling of fresh ideas thrown in – the new version can end up better than the original. And that’s exactly what we think happened with this new approach to a sleek, durable, and simple aluminum wallet from Machine Era Co. There’s not much going on here, and that’s what we like. It’s just a high-grade aluminum shell with [... more]

Blueberry Oatmeal Surprise

Oatmeal has all the right elements for a great morning meal: it’s warm, has enough dietary fiber and protein to keep you feeling full, and the healthy whole-grain carbohydrates give you energy. But let’s be honest: a blueberry muffin tastes way better. Thankfully, someone finally had the idea to combine the two. This Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal recipe creates a rich and healthy morning meal, but with a rich muffin taste and sweet blueberries. Oh, and it’s gluten-free. With a mix of simple ingredients and a little bit of maple syrup and coconut [... more]

Pry Open Awesome

We admit it: buying gifts for guys isn’t exactly easy. When women can rush out to the nearest boutique and come home with literal basketloads of gifts, we dudes find ourselves more often stuck with an ugly necktie. And that has to end, my friends. If you’re tired of finding the gifts you’ve given in Goodwill piles or crammed under the bed, then you should probably consider buying your next gift from Man Crates. They’re built with rough and rugged manliness practically bursting from the wooden crates they come in.   Man Crates each [... more]

Homemade Milk without the Barn

Milk is like the moon: it’s easy to forget there are lots more out there. But if you find yourself needing to go dairy-free, looking to cut back on storebought costs and additives, or are just a curious flavor fiend, this Homemade Almond Milk recipe from My Darling Lemon Thyme may be right for you. Almond milk has many of the same characteristics of cow milk, but never sees the inside of an udder or barn (unless, for some bizarre reason, you like making almond milk in a barn [... more]

The Best Way to Savor Summer

Here’s the not-so-harsh truth about summer: if you want to do it right, it demands homemade ice cream be served on the back patio after dinner. But if you’re craving a few new ideas to add to the mix, try this unexpected recipe: Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Balsamic Roasted Strawberries. It’s sure to not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but the unique pairing adds an extra kick of flavor. The distinctive sharp taste of goat cheese combines beautifully with the savory and sweet balsamic strawberry topping. So even though this may [... more]

Pre-Fall Fashion to Wear Now

You’ve heard of Fall fashion collections, but did you know about “Pre-Fall”? Designers recently debuted their 2014 Pre-Fall collections, which are often meant to be in-between season lines featuring fewer pieces than full Fall and Spring collections. These “Pre-Fall” lines are perfect for those living in regions that begin to transition into cooler weather early, but not exactly ideal for those living in, say, the South – where it’s still in the 70s going into November. While that usually means these chic Pre-Fall styles are just plain unwearable until the holidays, there [... more]

Give Me the Gimlet

There’s simply something about warm summer nights that makes them seem perfect for anything. They bring people together to share a meal on a restaurant patio; they let the kids tire themselves out after hours of play in the pool; and they also allow adults a chance to knock back a few drinks and relax. Emphasis on the few drinks part. The next time you have a get-together with friends – whether a small and casual dinner on the back porch, or an extravagant rooftop party – wow your guests with these fun, creative, [... more]

How to be a Stylish Man

It may just be us, but some of the clothes we see on the runway these days seem to be nothing more than explosions of ridiculousness. And quite frankly, we would like to see more examples of classic style without all the hype. Mr. Porter is one of the most well-renowned resources for men’s style choices, which is why we think The Manual for a Stylish Life: Volume 2 is the style outlet for the modern man. The kind of guy who goes to work, and out [... more]

Jumping the Shark… Or Dolphin

Have you ever wanted to fly like Superman? How about diving through the water like Aquaman? Well, while the magic cape is still out of our reach (for now), your man-child dreams of going all shark-like and zipping through the water really can come true. Designers at Innespace Productions have created the Seabreacher, a watercraft vessel that looks and handles like a shark or dolphin. It not only moves at breathtaking speeds across the water, but can also dive down into the water and come shooting back up [... more]

The (Not So) Ordinary Restaurant

Make a different kind of withdrawal from this South Carolina bank turned not-so-ordinary restaurant. Featuring Southern seafood and an oyster bar, The Ordinary makes everyday cuisine feel new and fresh. The Ordinary is on the frontlines of the farm-to-table movement, and they take their food very seriously. Only traditional methods and the freshest ingredients are used to create each dish, overcoming many of the old seafood and oyster bar stigmas. Each of their wines and cocktails are also hand-picked, paired to perfectly compliment the raw oysters and seafood.     According to Charleston City [... more]

Painting in the Magic City

Mary Grace Wolnski is a multi-faceted artist born and raised in the Magic City (Birmingham, Alabama). “Just the combination of industrial with nature that’s everywhere here has always inspired me,” Wolnski said. “… like the linear and geometric against the natural.” Beginning at the age of 2, Wolnski danced competitively for 16 years, but the pressure of technical scrutiny encouraged her to try other art forms. Eventually, she found painting – and has been doing it ever since. “I don’t want to sound so up in the clouds,” Wolnski said. “It’s kind of expressing movement, and [... more]

Sriracha Served Glazed

If you’re like us, Sriracha has been a staple in your fridge for a while. It’s even showing up on the menu at Subway and working its way into more and more recipes — not that we’re complaining! This recipe may have already had us at the magic word (hint: it’s “Sriracha”), but the combination of honey and lime has us keeping this glaze on regular rotation in the kitchen. It calls for chicken, but you could easily use it on any variety of meats you may have already in [... more]

Your Keys, All Grown Up

We’ve seen it before. When it comes to something as simple as a set of keys, we often settle for the most convenient at the time. But after a certain age, generic carabiners with chipped paint and promotional bottle opener keychains not only scratch up the other things in your pocket, they make you look like a kid. Bottom line: a gaudy set of keys can really ruin a wardrobe.  Thankfully though, a sleek leather key ring like the ones we’ve featured here can add just the right amount [... more]

More Than Just Good Looks

Simply put, Sid Mashburn does it all. From tailored suits to pajamas, this Southern brand from Atlanta, Georgia is one you can’t overlook. Their mission is to be more than the place a man buys a great new sport shirt and pair of socks; they are here to help men reclaim a lost world style plus sophisticated service. “Our inspiration draws from Gordon Parks and Steve McQueen, from Charlie Feathers to Belle & Sebastian, from the 1971 BMW 3.0CS to the BMW 5 diesel station wagon — a fresh interpretation of [... more]