Brush and Rinse

Listen, guys: we know. When it comes to brushing your teeth, you want to simply stick your head upside down in the sink to get a rinse. And, depending on the sink, that’s not always possible. Most of the time, your head just won’t fit. So, you try the next best things: disposable cups, scooping water into your mouth, or using a glass that always takes up more counter space than you’d like (and we’ve all seen how gross that glass gets if you leave it out).Luckily for us, [... more]

Start With a Tart

This Sausage, Arugula and Ricotta Tart may not be quick, but the taste is well worth the effort. So if you wake up early or have nothing but time on a lazy weekend, grab a bunch of cheese and make some tarts! This recipe is pretty involved and takes some planning ahead, but once you have all the ingredients, the rest is pretty basic. The savory sausage mixed with the bitter arugula make for a wild ride, not to mention all the cheeses working together. We think its [... more]

Feelin’ Squirrely

Chattanooga, Tennessee, is known for its rolling hills, Civil War history, and top ranked aquarium – but what about for its bar scene? The Flying Squirrel has become quite the hot spot for the city’s young professionals and savvy visitors alike, and for good reason. The venue’s modern architecture and décor stunningly combines steel beams, wooden bars tops, and massive glass windows, allowing for a cozy yet chic atmosphere. Even more impressive? The menu. Bar food takes a sophisticated turn with options like duck tacos, crab rolls, and meat [... more]

A Toaster for Your iPhone

Never sure where your iPhone charger is because you constantly move it around the house? Then Foaster is for you. This sleek iPhone docking station resembles a toaster (you know, for bread?) and sits on your kitchen counter, perfectly positioned for meal-time charging. The Foaster fits iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C models, and can charge up to two iPhones at once. It’s also designed for easy one-handed docking and un-docking, leaving your other hand free for whatever — say, for eating a piece of actual toast. This amusing gadget began [... more]

A Different Kind of Steak and Cheese

These days, inviting your friends for dinner can be both fun and stressful: between special diets, allergies, and just plain picky eaters, you can never be quite sure that what you’re making will please everyone. Luckily for you (and the picky eater – who I’m sure has other redeemable qualities to warrant your invite), tapas make for the perfect dining solution. You and your friends get to try a variety of recipes in a single meal, pick and choose what they please, and still discover new flavors. We can’t [... more]

Recycled Refashion

Eco-friendly clothing design doesn’t have to be just about creating new clothes from sustainable materials and production methods. The other side of the same coin is essentially (and stylishly) vintage:  recycling and upcycling existing fashion. Sass Brown’s book, ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials, takes an in-depth look at innovative design that seeks to counteract ‘throw-away’ clothing culture. Refashioned features 46 international designers who work with discarded items and recycled materials in order to create new, valuable pieces. We’re excited to see Alabama design company, Alabama Chanin, [... more]

Fried Chicken, Perfected

If there’s one food that’s hard to disagree on, it’s fried chicken. Okay — you have to be talking with someone who eats meat and isn’t on some fad diet that restricts them from eating things that are downright delicious — but if they meet those two criteria, chances are you both like fried chicken. So, should you find yourself in the company of another fan of chicken o’ the fried kind, try this version: Brined and Battered Buttermilk Fried Chicken. There are a few different parts to this recipe that [... more]

Peche: Keeping An Old Flame Burning

If you find yourself in downtown New Orleans this summer, consider the Warehouse District at the corner of Magazine and Julia Streets. That’s where you’ll find the Peche Seafood Grill, and Chef Ryan Prewitt’s masterful menu. Old school cooking styles, unique dishes, and a sophisticated modern look are just a few of things that led to this rustic-style eatery earning the James Beard Award for “Best New Restaurant” in the United States. Using live-fire cooking techniques, Prewitt keeps an open hearth of carefully stoked hardwood coals, which also allows for a unique show as you await your [... more]

HUCKSTRAPS: More Bang for Your Belt

We got the chance to talk to Dustin Vann, a Southern entrepreneur that is bringing new life to fashion. One of problems Vann saw in the fashion industry was how boring belts were, so he hit the drawing board and came up with HUCKSTRAPS. “I started researching and kind of dreaming about, you know, if I could make a belt - what would the perfect belt for me be? So I started brainstorming different materials, different looks, but I knew we didn’t really need to reinvent the belt, cause [... more]

Squishy Seating

Most of the time, when it comes to furniture, we have to choose between chic and comfort. No one wants something utterly boring, but if you go with the uncomfortable beauty, you’re stuck with a chair you don’t actually want to sit in.   Lucky for us, New Colony Furniture kept this in mind when designing their innovative wooden chairs.  They may look like high-end pieces of designer furniture - and they’re even made of materials that sound horribly rigid, like cement and Swarovski crystals – but each chair is [... more]

Great Bear: Great Candles

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt like you’ve been punched in the nose, then perhaps you understand the reasoning behind Jake Carnley’s subtly scented candles. Tired of the “highly scented room dominators” commonly found with mass producers, Carnley’s Great Bear Wax Co. prefers to take the small batch approach: every scent is carefully and repeatedly tested, perfecting a balance of notes that won’t assault the senses. Unlike the typical paraffin variety, each candle is made with locally-sourced, natural beeswax or American-grown soy wax. Fragrances like Tobacco Bay, Patchouli Jasmine, and [... more]

Coffee Date Upgrade

As Liren Baker says on her blog (where we swiped this recipe), it’s a dying trend to have someone over for coffee to catch up. With the hipster coffee/alcohol/mustache shops popping up on every street, we feel like we need to leave the coffee-making job to the “pros.” But when it comes to this lost art in particular, the truth of great iced coffee is a matter of getting back to the basics. Make it fun (and delicious) by starting with this simple Homemade Thai Iced Coffee recipe the next time a [... more]

Blo the Whistle

Beginning as a passion for collecting vintage whistles, designer Allison Stackpole’s Blo Vintage whistle jewelry line combines style, history, and personal protection. Having been given a safety whistle by her mother when she first went to college, Stackpole became intrigued with the antique history of whistles and how that could be expressed through fashion. In tandem with the eco-fashion movement of upcycling, each necklace is created with an individual and non-replicated whistle or harmonica piece. Blo Vintage is made up of five separate collections representing different styles and emotional [... more]

A Most Refreshing Lemonade

When you need a retreat from the hot Southern sun, sip on a refreshing glass of Blueberry Lavender Hard Lemonade. Sweet and tart like traditional lemonade, this recipe takes a twist with added hints of blueberry, lavender, and of course, vodka! You can use either dried or fresh lavender for this recipe, but don’t worry about the floral element being overwhelming; it subtly mixes with the flavors harmoniously. Added bonus:  this lemonade substitutes agave nectar for sugar, so you get all the sweetness without any of the guilt! Kick [... more]

Because Chocolate.

Move over, Willy Wonka: we’ve just died and gone to chocolate heaven. Located in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, Bar Cocoa offers one of the most extensive chocolate and dessert experiences in the South. Let’s say that again: A bar. Of desserts. Made with lots – and lots – of chocolate. From tasty nibbles, to wedding cakes, to event catering, to cooking classes, this upscale boutique leaves your sweet tooth with nothing left to be desired. We recommend indulging in their wide variety of French macarons, which will transport [... more]