An All-Around Treat

I call this the “multiple-choice” cookie. With colorful edible sprinkles, Raspberry Confetti Kisses make the perfect treat for several holidays. Serve these sweet confections on silver platters for intimate Valentine’s Day gatherings. (They’re named “kisses,” after all!) These little pink delicacies of melt-in-your-mouth goodness will definitely pull at cupid’s heartstrings. Or, savor them this spring. The Easter Bunny could easily leave behind these pastel puffs for you to discover in your basket. No matter which holiday you choose to serve Raspberry Confetti Kisses, they’re sure to be [... more]

Reinventing the Spy

There are only a few television shows that I like to evangelize about. “Archer” is without a doubt, hands down, one of them. If you like your adult cartoons to be action-themed, fast-paced and so jam-packed full of jokes that it takes several viewings to catch all of them, then check out FX’s “Archer.” It is all that and more. Season Five known as ‘Archer Vice’ takes the entire original premise of the show and turns it on its head going from private (and highly illegal) spy [... more]

Map Quest

Love to travel? Satisfy your wanderlust by decorating your home with maps. Use a vintage print of your favorite city, or a wall-size mural of the world to create a colorful focal point. Another idea is to break up and display the map using multiple frames. Maps can work in virtually every room, from the living room to bath, your home office, to a child’s bedroom. Look for them at flea markets, or specialty paper shops. Photo Source: Home Designing

A Refined Whiskey Bar

What goes with top-shelf whiskey? Upscale comfort food, of course. Those two draws are precisely what Dram Whiskey Bar in Birmingham has built its reputation on. While you munch on such offerings as Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Bison Chili, or Country Ham Sliders (shown above), try one of the bar’s featured cocktails such as Frankfort Fizz or Sassafras Sazerac. Not enough whiskey for you? No problem. Select one of their whiskey flights, which include tastings of five distinct whiskeys. Photo Source: Dram Whiskey Bar

Polo Perfection

There is something timeless and fun about the polo shirt. It can be worn dressy or casual, and transitions well from work to play. Another plus: The polo comes in many colors and patterns to suit your many moods. KP MacLane, my favorite polo company, uses soft European cotton to make their oh-so-comfy shirts. For one more touch of luxury, the Georgia-based brand delivers each in a beautiful, drawstring linen bag.

Going Green

We cross the imaginary line from youth to adulthood when we unwittingly begin to eat and even enjoy foods we shunned as a child. Enter asparagus. I can recall feeling left out when our whole family demanded “seconds” of my Mimi’s creamy asparagus casserole. But as an adult, cousin Kevin prepared a lovely version of the fresh veggie simply roasted with olive oil and herbs and forever recruited me as a fan. Officially grown-up. Though I still get requests for my favorite prosciutto and Neufchâtel cheese wrapped version, this [... more]

Sleep in a Gas Station

Two miles from the French Quarter in New Orleans, a funky renovated gas station lures travelers who reject conventional lodging. Although simple on the outside, the rental boasts an eclectically cool interior. Owner and artist Robert Guthrie used his talents to beautifully restore the space, which he calls his “greatest art project.” Gearheads will love the scavenged remnants of the gas station—from car hoods to old pumps—as well as the pieces that pay homage to service stations of yesteryear, such as metal Gulf and Mobile logos. Wide-open [... more]