Painting in the Magic City

Mary Grace Wolnski is a multi-faceted artist born and raised in the Magic City (Birmingham, Alabama).

“Just the combination of industrial with nature that’s everywhere here has always inspired me,” Wolnski said. “… like the linear and geometric against the natural.”

Beginning at the age of 2, Wolnski danced competitively for 16 years, but the pressure of technical scrutiny encouraged her to try other art forms. Eventually, she found painting – and has been doing it ever since.


“I don’t want to sound so up in the clouds,” Wolnski said. “It’s kind of expressing movement, and relationships, and letting the paint take over. Which is terrifying. I’ve never actually really captured the feelings, and I don’t know if I ever will, but that’s why I paint… to see if I can.”

Mary Grace Wolnski Birmingham artist

Wolnski has a distinct calligraphic style and is known for filling up bookshelves of journals with poems and thoughts. “When I’m writing my best, it feels like I’m painting,” she says. “It’s the same vice versa.”