Picture Books for Grown-Ups

If you’re tired of having friends over who automatically reach for their iPhones to scroll through Twitter and Instagram as soon as they hit your couch, then put one of these books from Assouline on your coffee table. These large, hardback books claim to be “The most sophisticated books in the world” and certainly cover a plethora of interesting subject matter. The books are heavily image driven and the majority of them center around the themes of art, fashion and design. This will allow you to express yourself and accent your decor, as well as satisfying the curiousity of your sofa dwellers.

Assouline Books

1| The Impossible Collection of Cars focuses on the most magnificent cars from the 20th century and some of their famous owners. ($695)

2| Living Architecture showcases 240 pages of breathtaking American architecture, spotlighting the innovative design and aesthetics of some of the most iconic homes of the 20th century. ($75)

3| American Beauty serves as a photographic accolade to over 100 women who have help to define and shape our country and culture. ($75)

These are but a sampling of the titles that Assouline has to offer. You are sure to find many great reads (or views, that is) tailored to your liking in their vast collection.