Read Wall, the New Brooks Brothers

Right after graduating from college in 2009, Washington, DC, native Read Wall started a one-for-one fashion line called Read’s Clothing Project where he donated a book to a child in need for every product sold. His line, which he renamed Read Wall, has grown by leaps and bounds, but customers can still choose the book they want to give with each purchase.

Without trying to reinvent the wheel, the line strives to make preppy staples for men that can be worn over and over again. In an interview with Esquire Magazine, Read said, “In terms of inspiration, we’re kind of positioning ourselves as the new standard of American sportswear. Kind of like a modern Brooks Brothers for people with discerning taste…. [The style inspiration] is mostly from my life: growing up in DC, going to prep school, going to college in the Northeast. It’s just got that all-American, preppy look, and that’s not really contrived or inspired by anything other than the clothes I wear all the time.”

In college, Read interned at Vineyard Vines and saw how over-the-top preppy clothing could get. Steering away from flashy bowties and bright shorts, he mixes the Northern prep with Southern pastels to create a line any man can confidently wear. By staying simple and true to what he knows, Read Wall is creating a menswear line that’s soon to be a household name.

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