Space Replace in Raleigh

As Southern cities like Raleigh, North Carolina become more densely populated, the development of a multi-functional space becomes more of a challenge. And that’s exactly how hip urbanization projects for compact design like raleigh [ ] space are born. Formed by local art community Deco Raleigh and students at NCSU College of Design, raleigh [ ] space’s Kickstarter campaign seeks to create “parklets”: versatile, highly functional areas in urban communities.


What is a parklet, you ask? Basically, it’s just a small space – as in, the size of two parallel parking spots – extended from the sidewalk. These compact spots may not have much in terms of square footage, but they are ideal for cities that weren’t built with public spaces in mind. These parklets, or “mini parks,” give community members a place to read a book, drink coffee, catch up with friends, and enjoy the general activity of the busy metropolis around them. Similar concepts have been adopted by cities all over the country, making Raleigh parklets the next “big” little idea in new ways to embrace the community experience.