Speak Up & Be Heard

Wired magazine proclaims that the new Joey Roth Ceramic Speaker System contains “a seamless marriage of drool-worthy design and audiophile-worthy sound.” We couldn’t agree more. Uniquely constructed from porcelain, cork, and Baltic birch, the system offers a naturally beautiful design. The ceramic subwoofer creates a sound quality with balanced bass, providing a richer sound for vocals and instruments. The system delivers music in a variety of ways including via Bluetooth connectivity as well as through an auxiliary cord connection. The complete system retails for $1,095; however, the manufacturer also sells the parts separately. You can purchase the speakers and amp for only $495 or the subwoofer alone for $695. Get Joey Roth’s new ceramic speaker system and listen to your music the way you want to, with a refreshingly pure sound and a sleek setup.