Squishy Seating

Most of the time, when it comes to furniture, we have to choose between chic and comfort. No one wants something utterly boring, but if you go with the uncomfortable beauty, you’re stuck with a chair you don’t actually want to sit in.

“Reclaimed and Cracked” chair


Lucky for us, New Colony Furniture kept this in mind when designing their innovative wooden chairs.  They may look like high-end pieces of designer furniture - and they’re even made of materials that sound horribly rigid, like cement and Swarovski crystals – but each chair is also built to provide a give under pressure. The seats move and flex with your body weight, making pieces like “Reclaimed and Cracked” or “Squishy Sticks” not only whimsically named, but comfortable too. When combined with their delightfully modern appearance, these uniquely designed chairs will surely accent your home beautifully.