Sriracha Served Glazed

If you’re like us, Sriracha has been a staple in your fridge for a while. It’s even showing up on the menu at Subway and working its way into more and more recipes — not that we’re complaining!

This recipe may have already had us at the magic word (hint: it’s “Sriracha”), but the combination of honey and lime has us keeping this glaze on regular rotation in the kitchen. It calls for chicken, but you could easily use it on any variety of meats you may have already in your fridge. Even the original creator, Stephanie Le, doesn’t deny that the glaze is really the star: “the chicken is just a vehicle for the sauce!”

Our suggestion? Invite some friends over, light a few tiki torches out back, and let the sauce do the talkin’.

Sriracha Honey Lime Chicken

You can almost smell that glaze, can’t you?