Painting in the Magic City

Mary Grace Wolnski is a multi-faceted artist born and raised in the Magic City (Birmingham, Alabama). “Just the combination of industrial with nature that’s everywhere here has always inspired me,” Wolnski said. “… like the linear and geometric against the natural.” Beginning at the age of 2, Wolnski danced competitively for 16 years, but the pressure of technical scrutiny encouraged her to try other art forms. Eventually, she found painting – and has been doing it ever since. “I don’t want to sound so up in the clouds,” Wolnski said. “It’s kind of expressing movement, and [... more]

Artistic Movement

Tennessee artist Charles Clary uses bright, primary, and often neon colors that could be mistaken as simply playful in another context. But while Clary wants his art to invite playful interactions between the viewer and this conceived world, his art does much more than that.   Even though he received his BFA and MFA in painting, Clary has worked primarily with paper art in his professional artistic career. He makes his pieces by cutting hundreds of pieces of paper by hand and gluing the pieces together in [... more]

A Two-Wheeled Build

Aaron Dykstra heard stories from his grandparents of their travels across Europe on bicycles after World War II from a young age. Dykstra would eagerly listen as his grandfather would show him pictures and slides, and describe stories of the places he saw on two wheels. The inspiration never left Aaron and has fueled his love of bicycling ever since. He began racing, working as a bicycle mechanic, and eventually training to become a bicycle frame builder.   Aaron currently lives in Roanoke, Virginia where he crafts [... more]

Add This to Your Playlist

Indie rock band The Apache Relay delivers easy vibes and smooth rhythms on tracks that may just become your new summer anthems. Catchy tunes such as “Katie Queen of Tennessee” and “American Nomad” feel as if they were written for driving with sunglasses on and windows down. Members Michael Ford, Jr., Mike Harris, Brett Moore, and Kellen Wenrich got their start in 2008 while attending Belmont University together in Nashville, Tennessee, and later released their first album in 2009. Ford, Jr.’s brother, Ben Ford, and Steve Smith [... more]

A Beautiful Destination

Florida artist Erin Ashley believes that art has the power to help people see things in a new light. She views her work as an avenue to find beauty in things that are so often overlooked. The self-taught artist, wife, and mom of two begins each of her pieces with no preconceived idea of what the end product will look like, but with every piece, she desires to capture and preserve the true beauty of the world around her. “Inspiration comes to me in many forms,” the [... more]

Breathing Easy

NEEDTOBREATHE continues its steady ascent up the rock-world ladder with its most recent release, Rivers in the Wasteland. The band’s fifth full-length album not only received rave reviews from several notable music critics, but also peaked at the number one spot on both Billboard’s Top Rock Albums and Christian Album charts. The three band members all hail from South Carolina and play Southern rock music with Christian undertones and messages. Reviewer John DiBiase for the Christian music web site Jesus Freak Hideout called the 11-track album, which [... more]

A Futuristic Festival

Last year, the creators of the wildly popular electronic music festival TommorrowLand, which occurs in Belgium each year, decided to spin off its first international edition and chose the United States as the location. Thus TomorrowWorld was born. In September 2013, TomorrowWorld welcomed 140,000 music fans from more than 75 countries to the Chattahoochee Hills just outside of Atlanta. This fall, the event returns to Georgia and anticipates an even bigger crowd. Though the event doesn’t take place until September 26-28, the festival has already confirmed more [... more]

In Rhythm With Nature

Inspired by the rhythms and changing forms of the landscape, Anna Jaap uses printmaking, drawing, and painting to create soothing masterpieces with multilayered surfaces. Currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, the Texas native muses upon organic forms that can be seen at a microscopic level, but also enjoys pairing polar opposites and finding a balance between them. Her work exemplifies her belief in the power of beauty as well as the time and effort that she puts into each piece. Anna’s art consists of multiple layers and a [... more]

The Dirty Guv’nahs on Fire

Called a “fiercely soulful band” by The Boston Globe, The Dirty Guv’nahs have recently been making waves in the music industry. The six-member band from Knoxville, Tennessee, recently released their third full-length album, “Hearts on Fire,” with great success, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. Filled with passionate lyrics and an inspiring Southern rock vibe, the new album’s 11 tracks are best enjoyed on a lazy summer day. Their current tour stops in cities across the South, including their hometown of Knoxville, among others.

Banjo Ballads

Not many bands can claim that they single-handedly created their own genre of music, but that’s exactly what Grace & Tony did. Formed in Florence, Alabama, the now-married couple combined their two styles to create the “Punkgrass” sound they perform today. Says frontman Tony White (brother of John Paul White of the Civil Wars), “Punkgrass is simply a natural fusion of my punk-rock background and Grace’s Southern gospel and bluegrass upbringing.” No other term could so accurately describe their loose, upbeat, and narrative first full-length album, November, [... more]

Art on a String

Contemporary artist Gabriel Dawe creates grand structures out of rainbow-colored string as part of his site-specific Plexus Series. The way he twists and turns the brightly hued thread gives the illusion of movement and allows the works to transform depending on the lighting and angle viewed. Because of their sheer size and complexity, his installations have the power to stop you in your tracks, captivating you for hours. Although these works were displayed in his current hometown of Dallas, other pieces appear at museums across the country and [... more]

The Truth Will Set You Free

Truth & Salvage Co. has emerged as one of the South’s hottest new bands. Originally from North Carolina, the six-man group relocated to Los Angeles, but recently settled in back down South in Nashville, Tennessee, to work on their music, a blending of country rock, folk, gospel, and indie pop. “We’re really not aiming to be any kind of genre band,” said Walker Young (piano, organ, vocals). “Everybody writes and everybody has different styles they gravitate toward. When we bring it together it becomes our sound.” In [... more]

A Folk Family

A combination of Americana and rock, Delta Rae’s most recent EP, Chasing Twisters, provides a soulful collection of songs clearly rooted in their hometown of Durham, North Carolina. The group began as a trio of siblings, Ian and Eric Holljes, and sister, Brittany Holljes, and later became the sextet they are now with the addition of singer and friend Elizabeth Hopkins, drummer Mike McKee, and bassist Grant Emerson. Together, they produce exquisite four-part harmonies, intricate instrumental interludes, and storytelling lyrics that will set your heart soaring and [... more]

Lucy Hale: Changing Tunes

With the release of her first single, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale takes the leap from acting to music. “You Sound Good to Me,” off of her debut album “Road Between,” dropped in January. Though the Tennessee native won the FOX singing show American Juniors at the age of 13, when she and her mother moved out to Los Angeles to find a record deal, she found acting gigs rather than opportunities in music. Now Lucy is back on her original track and even lent a [... more]

Sophisticated Splatter

The term “spring patterns” conjures up images of an explosion of florals and pastels, right? But this year offers another option, thanks to Louis Vuitton’s Artist Scarves Collection. Infused with bright blue and magenta paint splatters, the collection proves that street art works just as well on high fashion runways as it does at a Ke$ha concert. Just think how cute this scarf, designed by artist Andre Saraiva, would look with a classic black tee and dark wash jeans!