A Different Kind of Steak and Cheese

These days, inviting your friends for dinner can be both fun and stressful: between special diets, allergies, and just plain picky eaters, you can never be quite sure that what you’re making will please everyone. Luckily for you (and the picky eater – who I’m sure has other redeemable qualities to warrant your invite), tapas make for the perfect dining solution. You and your friends get to try a variety of recipes in a single meal, pick and choose what they please, and still discover new flavors. We can’t [... more]

A Fig Concoction

Top your bread with a combination that will not only engage your eyes, but your palette as well. This recipe for Crostini with Arugula Walnut Pesto, Blue Cheese and Fresh Figs will undeniably wake up your taste buds. Start off by toasting slices of your favorite bread, sprinkled with olive oil, in the oven until golden brown. Then it’s time for the pesto, which is made by combining all the traditional pesto ingredients with a little arugula and chopped walnuts for a unique flavor. A heaping spoonful [... more]

Almost Too Pretty to Eat

These irresistible Crispy Prosciutto and Avocado Salad Toasts are as beautiful as they are delicious! Yellow and red tomatoes, ripe green avocados, and purple onion slices create a colorful open-faced sandwich that is literally a feast for the eyes—and your taste buds. Lending a rustic feel to the dish, ciabatta bread drizzled with olive oil and crunchy slices of savory prosciutto create a base for the stacked fresh vegetables. Lastly, a made-from-scratch Cilantro Sunflower-Seed Vinaigrette, which resembles a thin pesto, finishes off the masterpiece. Now all you [... more]

A Twisted Toast Treat

Bacon is America’s favorite breakfast meat, and for good reason. These versatile little slices of cured pork complement the flavors of so many foods and add a savory, salty crunch to any dish. For this recipe, crumbled bacon tops a delicious avocado spread that’s been slathered on sliced baguettes. The French bread is served as-is without any additional baking, creating a soft base for the toppings. Providing a tasty surprise, a drizzle of honey acts as a sweet foil to the bacon’s saltiness. Each savory bite of [... more]

Loaded Bread

This creative twist on the traditional Caprese salad—red ripe tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and fresh basil—incorporates another favorite food—bread! Caprese Garlic Bread works well as either an appetizer or an accompaniment to dinner. Scour your local farmers market for the freshest ingredients available to really boost the delicious flavors. A loaf of ciabatta bread serves as the perfect foundation for the other ingredients. We guarantee that this irresistible Italian combination will keep you coming back bite after bite.

Morning Delight

On those days when you crave a more decadent breakfast, treat yourself to Coconut French Toast. Slices of brioche are dipped in a sinfully rich custard made of cream, coconut milk, vanilla extract, eggs, and nutmeg, and then coated in coconut flakes before frying. Serve the heavenly toast with fresh fruit and maple syrup. Because the recipe’s creator lives in Dubai, she uses the metric system for some of the ingredients, so you’ll need to convert to standard measurements. But don’t let that stop you. The recipe [... more]

Sloppily Scrumptious

Perfect for summer lunch or dinner, this version of the sloppy joe lives up to its name (don’t wear white!), but provides a flavor experience unlike that of the sandwich you may have grown up on. Many of the sloppy joes our mothers made in the day used a premade packet of “spices,” but Chipotle Stout Sloppy Joe Sliders call for a homemade concoction of ingredients not usually associated with this sandwich: adobo sauce, molasses, and (surprisingly) Chipotle Stout beer. This spicy blend of ingredients creates a [... more]

Get Your Grill On

Some of summer’s best recipes call for grilling, and this recipe for Grilled Cherry Tomato Skewers on Toast takes advantage of the season’s fresh bounty. Roasting the tomatoes enhances their natural flavor. Let them soak in an olive oil-based marinade before grilling, and season to taste afterward. Be sure to soak the wooden skewers for about 30 minutes beforehand to prevent them from burning. These tomatoes taste great alone or atop a slice of crusty bread smeared with creamy ricotta cheese.

A Greener Grilled Cheese

While a classic grilled cheese sandwich slathered in butter is hard to beat, this grown-up version might get you thinking otherwise. The Portabella, Gouda, and Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese requires little time to make and can seriously satisfy on a rainy spring afternoon. Feel free to pile on the pesto—it ties the sandwich together and gives it a little kick. Season the portabella mushrooms with salt, and drizzle with olive oil before cooking on each side until tender. Layer the pesto, mushrooms, and Gouda. Top with a [... more]

Garlic Gets Its Day

Salute National Garlic Day (today, April 19) with a delicious treat that showcases this pungent little bulb. With its tantalizing aromas and melt-in-your-mouth goodness, garlic bread serves as the ultimate comfort food. This recipe for The Best Homemade Garlic Bread leaves your taste buds begging for the entire loaf. For the best flavor, make sure to use fresh garlic (not canned) and a generous amount of garlic salt. Another must is premium olive oil; we recommend Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin. Lastly, shop around for the freshest [... more]

Comfort Food Makeover

Something amazing happens when onions cook in a saucepan with melted butter for a long period of time. They transform from your average vegetable into something savory. Caramelizing onions begins the process of making one of my all–time favorite recipes: French Onion Soup.  If you enjoy the bold flavor as much as I do, then you’ll love French Onion Cheese Bread. This recipe gets an unexpected makeover that not only looks great but also tastes great too. So forget your spoon.  Biting into a piece of this [... more]

Tickled Pink

Let’s get real: Sometimes your typical loaf of bread gets boring! A delicious alternative, Cherry Bread With Cherry-Almond Glaze has a beautiful pink hue and offers a refreshing sweetness your run-of-the-mill bread lacks. Light, fluffy, and moist, this bread is perfect for a decadent Sunday brunch or as a snack alongside a large glass of milk. Small chunks of maraschino cherries throughout the bread hint at its rich cherry flavor. The icing on the cake, or in this case, bread, is the warm cherry-almond glaze made of [... more]

Become a Bagel Snob

A good bagel, with a slathering of cream cheese (or butter, if you prefer), serves as a tasty and filling morning meal for someone on the go. But unless you live in a major city, you might find your bagel options limited. This recipe for Homemade Bagels rivals those at the best bakeries and delis in New York. Now, that’s saying a lot. And good news for all of you impatient bakers out there: You can prepare these light and doughy gems in a single day! The [... more]

Sweet Bread

Honestly, who doesn’t like bread? How about when it’s doused in butter and sugar? Even better! Try this Cinnamon and Sugar Pull-Apart Bread recipe for the most sinful treat you’ve ever had. As the bread cooks, the folds of dough stay soft and tender on the inside but form a golden brown (almost caramelized) crust on the top. We warn you: Once you start peeling the layers of bread and popping them in your mouth, you won’t be able to stop! Photo Source: Matkonation

The Perfect Garlic Loaf

I’m always amazed at how certain smells invoke memories of specific events, special meals, or even favorite places I’ve visited. When I was a child, my mom would bake fresh bread every Saturday—enough to make it through the following week. The aroma of that bread baking in our oven has stayed with me over the years, and the first time I made this luscious Garlic Loaf, childhood memories came rushing back. Cilantro and garlic blend into the parmesan cheese to make a perky, savory taste, and as [... more]