Always Find Your Pants

It’s been our experience that passionate home brewers make the best craft brewers. That’s exactly how the people behind Madison, Alabama’s Blue Pants Brewery and Taproom started. They spent years in their kitchens, basements, and garages playing around with ingredients and flavors to find the best-tasting beers. That combined experience comes in handy at Blue Pants, where they brew a large variety of “unreasonably good” (as their slogan claims) beers—from an American red ale to a strawberry saison. Open six nights a week and on Friday and [... more]

Fresh From the Mountains

I’ve noticed that freshness is the main ingredient at Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, South Carolina. They produce seven beers throughout the year, and offer four additional brews seasonally. Tom Davis, Thomas Creek’s owner, brew master, and brewery manager, told me that the natural water source starting high in the Appalachian Mountains contributes to that well-known fresh quality of his beers. From producing only small batches to double filtering, this craft brewery always operates in full swing to keep up with growing demands. I can assure you, [... more]

Mississippi’s Best Bar

When it comes to beer, Draft Magazine knows its stuff, and if they say a bar contains some great brews, well, we believe them. So when they named The Mahogany Bar in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, one of America’s top beer bars, we decided to check it out. Our conclusion: Once again, Draft got it right! The brewpub serves up more than 140 beers, including all five Mississippi breweries on tap. A drink menu with five pages of beers means everyone (even beer belittlers) can find something to suit [... more]

Young and Bold

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina’s Westbrook Brewing Company has caused quite the splash since opening its doors in 2010. Publicly lauded by peers such as top-quality Cigar City Brewing, Westbrook crafts their brews in barrels that once housed wine, apple brandy, or rum. And for young brewers, husband-and-wife co-founders Edward and Morgan Westbrook don’t shy away from experimenting with lots of flavors, from anniversary editions to seasonals to collaborations with other breweries. In fact, 36 different offerings have already hit the market at one point or another in [... more]

Any Day of the Week

I’ve been a fan of local craft brews as long as I’ve lived in Atlanta so I was immediately drawn to Monday Night Brewing’s selection, especially their IPAs. Just last year, they opened a new brewery  and tasting room. Walking in, you’re greeted by a wall full of ties with the message “Tie One On” and it’s exactly what you do—Monday Night encourages you to donate a tie to the wall. Throw in a shuffleboard court, a giant framed mustache, and a deck and it’s the perfect [... more]

It Started With a Homebrewing Kit

Yazoo Brewing Company in Nashville, Tennessee, has become a much larger operation than founder/brewmaster Linus Hall ever expected. In the beginning, Linus and his wife, Lila, sold Yazoo Pale Ale, Dos Perros, Spring Wheat, and Onward Stout to local bars in Nashville, and a loyal following blossomed. I toured the brewery on a recent Saturday, and sampled each beer. The staff offered an up-close opportunity to learn more about each brew and the taproom did not disappoint.

Raising the Brewpub Bar

Take a burgeoning craft-beer mecca, add a high foodie quotient, and you have a recipe for lofty expectations for new Charleston, South Carolina, brewpubs. But Edmund’s Oast has a special ingredient: Charleston native chef Andy Henderson, who worked under James Beard award-winning chef Mike Lata at FIG. Taking that experience, Henderson developed a made-from-scratch meat-lovers’ menu including a charcuterie program, cured swordfish, lamb meatballs, and more savory choices with the aim to “be authentic without being pretentious.”     

Crafted in Kentucky

It’s no secret that people are getting hip to better beer these days, and to that effect, more and more independent breweries are popping up to meet demand. Enter Ei8ht Ball Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky, housed within The Party Source, the largest liquor store in the country, and named one of “The 23 Hottest Craft Beer Bars in America Right Now” by A good beer store is always a great place to go see what’s new and notable. A good beer store that not only has [... more]

Raise a Glass to Asheville

Portland and San Diego have long been destinations for local-brew fanatics. But one Southern city aims to replace them as BeerCity USA. In fact, it already has. Asheville, North Carolina, won that title in 2009 and has yet to relinquish it. And for good reason: The town’s burgeoning Ale Trail attracts visitors year-round with its 22 breweries and craft beer goodness. Soon there’ll be one more reason for beer fans to tour the trail. California-based Sierra Nevada chose Asheville as the home of its East Coast expansion and is in the midst of the [... more]