Coffee & a Show

Everyone has their own favorite place to get great coffee, but let’s face it:  not all java shops are created equal. And thanks to some incredibly unique features (plus three iconic locations), Lamplighter Roasting Company in Richmond, Virginia is putting their own spin on the traditional coffee house. In 2009, founders Zachary Archibald, Jennifer Rawlings, and Noelle Archibald were in agreement: their focus was to be roasters only, and leave the coffee bar job to the other guys. But when the people of RVA wanted more, they decided to listen [... more]

Coffee Date Upgrade

As Liren Baker says on her blog (where we swiped this recipe), it’s a dying trend to have someone over for coffee to catch up. With the hipster coffee/alcohol/mustache shops popping up on every street, we feel like we need to leave the coffee-making job to the “pros.” But when it comes to this lost art in particular, the truth of great iced coffee is a matter of getting back to the basics. Make it fun (and delicious) by starting with this simple Homemade Thai Iced Coffee recipe the next time a [... more]

Smelly Cat Coffee

“Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?” Who doesn’t recognize the lyrics from the iconic song Phoebe Buffay performed at her local coffee shop in the popular TV show Friends. Named for that catchy ditty, Smelly Cat Coffeehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, has charmed patrons since 2000 with its offbeat atmosphere, a superb roaster menu, fresh baked goods, and probably the most clever moniker of any coffee shop. Next time you’re in Charlotte, scoot over to the North Davidson District (NoDa), pull up a chair [... more]

Ice Ice Baby

Both refreshing and intriguing, Vietnamese Iced Coffee redefines the “norm” of our favorite caffeinated beverage. It calls for ingredients used to make traditional iced coffee, but adds a surprise element: sweetened condensed milk. However, the real surprise is in the method. Making this drink requires a Vietnamese coffee filter (you can find them in most local Asian markets, but if not, the recipe offers an alternative). This distinct refreshment broadens your coffee horizons and makes you seem like a true coffee connoisseur.

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

As visually appealing as it is delicious, Salted Caramel Coffee Double Chocolate Cake satisfies your sweet tooth in one bite. Although it’s gluten-, refined sugar-, and dairy-free, this three-layer cake won’t weigh you down, but that doesn’t take away from its sinful taste. The rich, dark chocolate ganache deepens the flavor and offers heart-healthy benefits. While the cake does require some time and effort to make, it’s worth the wait. Drenched with an ample amount of salted caramel, this cake looks as good as it tastes.

Cranberry Swirl Coffee Cake

A nice change from your classic eggs and toast kind of morning, this Cranberry Swirl Pear Coffee Cake will start your day off the right way. Packed with rich flavors and a hint of pear, it is the perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of coffee. And we love that it takes only 10 or 15 minutes of prep time, plus 45 minutes in the oven. Helpful hint: For the crumb topping, mix the ingredients with your hands to get the best consistency.

Everything But Overalls

The Overall Company is certainly both a local favorite and a beloved tourist attraction for those who pass through Opelika, Alabama, on their way to an Auburn University football game. Named for a pre-Civil War overall maker that once occupied the building, the artisan pop factory/coffee bar/restaurant/live music venue keeps people coming back with its unique and eclectic offerings. The restaurant resembles a large renovated barn with its rustic, down-home feel. The simple menu features only a few delicious specialties, but anything you order won’t disappoint. After [... more]

High on Octane

It’s true, most coffee shops are very similar. They sell coffee. They have a hipster vibe to them. They are filled with people on laptops that may or may not be doing something important. Confession: I’m usually one of them. What makes Octane Coffee in Atlanta different? Octane has been a hub of startup tech companies in Atlanta the last several years. Companies such as Scoutmob have been birthed out of their store. The owner has even said he feels like a startup incubator. Octane offers high-quality [... more]

Be Your Own Barista

Coffee lovers beware: Your beloved old Keurig might be outdated. The company recently revolutionized its brewing system to accommodate your favorite café drinks. The result? Rivo System, a cappuccino- and latte-making machine with options for both hot and cold beverages. With the touch of a button, you can whip up an espresso complete with frothy milk. Not only will it come in handy when you’re entertaining a group of friends, but it also saves you time and money in those pricey cafes.     

Game On

The Goldberg brothers have long been the kings of Nashville’s food and drink empire: They started the local mixology movement with the opening of the Patterson House in 2009; in 2011, they launched Catbird Seat, which is still one of the hardest tables to book in the country; and their most recent enterprise has cemented Max and Ben’s throne. The 13,000-square-foot Pinewood Social, which opened in December 2013, is a cocktail bar and restaurant with a Crema coffee outpost and workstations with free Wi-Fi for those who [... more]