Just Peachy

Take advantage of summer’s bounty of fruit with this melt-in-your-mouth Grilled Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Peaches with Salted Bourbon Caramel dessert. Made from just a few ingredients, this peach and bourbon dessert recipe appears simple, but offers a complex burst of flavor.     The deep, rich flavor of bourbon saturates the fresh sweetness of the peaches, which is then tied together by creamy vanilla bean mascarpone. While grilling the peaches adds texture and a yummy smoky taste, there’s no need to light up the grill or fret [... more]

Perky Popsicles

While everyone loves a cold popsicle on a hot summer day, they just got a whole lot better with this adults-only Boozy Grapefruit, Basil & Vodka Popsicles recipe. Packed with fresh ingredients and a dash (or two… or three) of vodka, these easy-to-make frozen treats are the perfect alternative to a typical cocktail. The sharp flavors of grapefruit and vodka pair together perfectly for a sour-yet-sweet kick, accented by the distinctively fresh taste of basil. Make a double or triple batch for barbecue get-togethers, or keep them [... more]

An Easy (Bakeless) Party Dessert

What do you call a baker that doesn’t use an oven? Not sure, but if your oven ever goes out, or you still haven’t cleaned it since that homemade pizza disaster, then these No-Bake Peanut Butter and Pretzel Bars from Top With Cinnamon are perfect. Everything on the list is probably already in your pantry, so you don’t have to worry about going to the back corner of the health food store to pick up an obscure spice. Just mix it all up, let the chocolate sit, then cut and serve. [... more]

The Best Way to Savor Summer

Here’s the not-so-harsh truth about summer: if you want to do it right, it demands homemade ice cream be served on the back patio after dinner. But if you’re craving a few new ideas to add to the mix, try this unexpected recipe: Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Balsamic Roasted Strawberries. It’s sure to not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but the unique pairing adds an extra kick of flavor. The distinctive sharp taste of goat cheese combines beautifully with the savory and sweet balsamic strawberry topping. So even though this may [... more]

Because Chocolate.

Move over, Willy Wonka: we’ve just died and gone to chocolate heaven. Located in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, Bar Cocoa offers one of the most extensive chocolate and dessert experiences in the South. Let’s say that again: A bar. Of desserts. Made with lots – and lots – of chocolate. From tasty nibbles, to wedding cakes, to event catering, to cooking classes, this upscale boutique leaves your sweet tooth with nothing left to be desired. We recommend indulging in their wide variety of French macarons, which will transport [... more]

Pied and True

Rhubarb isn’t the most common vegetable used in baking (and actually, it’s considered a fruit by the government), but when added with blueberries and apples to a pie, this tart veggie-fruit can be a pleasant accent. Sarah from The Vanilla Bean Blog was experimenting with different ways to make her own flour when she made this Rhubarb Blueberry Apple Pie, so it’s got some great made-from-scratch elements in addition to these fruity flavor features. However, just as she substituted a few things in this recipe from one she found [... more]

Oats of Flavor

Creating tasty desserts in the summertime calls for a little innovation. The dense and heavy treats of that accompany winter get replaced with lighter, fresher options. One delicious example of a perfect summertime post-dinner dessert is the Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal Bar. The indescribably good taste of the crumbly cookie-like crust comes from a combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar and other spices. Rolled oats get thrown in the mix for a bit of added texture. The delicious tangy swirl is made from sliced rhubarb and fresh strawberries [... more]

Delectable Doughnuts

Doughnut shop doughnuts, step aside. These Baked Buttermilk Doughnuts with Fresh Strawberry Glaze will make you wonder why you didn’t start making your own doughnuts sooner. With no hot oil in sight and fresh fruit used in the icing, these pastries might just trick you into thinking they’re healthy. A cake-like consistency delivers a fluffy, tender texture with each bite you take. The light, sweet icing is the perfect topping to these doughnuts and combines just three ingredients: freshly cut strawberries, powdered sugar and milk. Spending a [... more]

A Quirky Guest For Breakfast

Bring a Polish breakfast favorite, Racuszki, into your American kitchen this summer. When we find ourselves with a little more time on our hands, there’s no reason to not step out of the box and get a little creative. These sweet little breakfast pastries frequently get described as Polish pancakes. The thick fluffy texture that the added yeast provides along with a unique, sugary flavor are two of the most significant differences between these and American pancakes.     The actual cooking process remains the same though. [... more]

Meringue Magic

Chocolate chip cookies hit the mark most of the time when you crave something sweet, but occasionally a little variation on this classic dessert doesn’t hurt. Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies replace the typical chewiness of chocolate chip cookies with a light, melt-in-your-mouth texture beneath a crunchy shell. These delectable goodies rival the meringue cookies found at a specialty bakery in appearance and taste, but they’re easy enough for a home cook to make. Consisting of a mere five ingredients, they take just a few minutes to whip [... more]

Simply Irresistible

This recipe for Chocolate Chip Toffee Fudge Cookie Bars kicks traditional chocolate chip cookies up a few notches. It all starts with a graham cracker crust that adds a delicious base to these chewy treats. Next, layers of homemade fudge and toffee chips provide a boost of rich chocolate and sweet brittle flavors. Top all of that with chocolate chip cookie dough and an extra sprinkling of toffee bits. The result is an ooey-gooey, rich and fudgy cookie bar. Once you’ve mastered this version, experiment with other [... more]

We Love the Breakfast Blues

Already a popular breakfast fruit, blueberries take center stage in these delicious morning tarts. As simple to prepare as they are tasty, Blueberry Pastry Delights consist of just six ingredients: cream cheese, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract (for the sweet filling); canned crescent rolls (for the pastry shells); and fresh blueberries (for the pièce de résistance). You simply roll out the crescent roll dough, spread on the cream cheese mixture, sprinkle some blueberries on top of the filling, fold in the corners, and bake. It’s that simple. [... more]

Cupcake With a Crunch

Whip up a decadent summer treat that combines sweet and savory flavors into one scrumptious dessert. Peanut butter and chocolate chips folded into the batter make each bite of these Chocolate Covered Pretzel Peanut Butter Cupcakes rich and nutty, while the chocolate pretzels on the top and bottom satisfy your taste buds with a gratifying crunch. If that doesn’t sell you, the frosting is sure to win you over. The impossibly fluffy and creamy butterscotch topping gives classic vanilla a run for its money. And if that’s [... more]

Skinny Donut Holes?

Doughnut holes, those doughy balls of goodness, become even more delicious when smothered in powdered sugar and a decadent vanilla glaze. But get this: The creator of these Skinny Bakery-Style Donut Holes swears that they’re only 22 calories apiece. We don’t know how, but we’re not complaining! The recipe yields about 170 donut holes, so you may want to halve it or freeze some of the dough for later. When making them, be sure to keep them bite-size—the dough really rises. Enjoy them while they’re still warm.

Morning Delight

On those days when you crave a more decadent breakfast, treat yourself to Coconut French Toast. Slices of brioche are dipped in a sinfully rich custard made of cream, coconut milk, vanilla extract, eggs, and nutmeg, and then coated in coconut flakes before frying. Serve the heavenly toast with fresh fruit and maple syrup. Because the recipe’s creator lives in Dubai, she uses the metric system for some of the ingredients, so you’ll need to convert to standard measurements. But don’t let that stop you. The recipe [... more]