Top of the Mornin’ To You

The Savannah River will once again run green on March 17th. Each year, Savannah, Georgia, goes all out for St. Patrick’s Day, hosting the second-largest Patty’s Day parade in the country. After a day of fun, laughter, and paying tribute to the Irish, continue the green theme with Trisha Yearwood’s Key Lime Cake. A hearty day of partying always brings on the hunger. Green river, green cake. Perfect. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!      

Sinful Breakfast

If you’ve ever passed a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop and seen the “Hot Now” light on, more than likely you’ve slammed on your brakes and backed your truck into the parking lot or steered that four-door sedan right up to the drive-thru to get a dozen of these melt-in-your mouth delicacies. Well take that thought and add a French toast element to it. This sinful recipe for Doughnut French Toast will have you eating and eating until you forget all about that summer bikini. Photo Source: Nigella

Southern Creation

There are few things I enjoy more than bourbon and chocolate. Scott Witherow, owner of Nashville’s Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co., combines the two for a decadent Bourbon Nib Brittle that is to die for. And for any true chocolate connoisseur, there’s no greater thrill than watching a chocolatier perfect his craft. Lucky for locals and those just passing through, Tennessee’s favorite artisan chocolate brand just debuted its new storefront and factory in East Nashville (open for tours Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the hour). [... more]

Skinny Muffins

For my daughter’s wedding, I wanted a delicious, easy recipe to serve to the wedding party at the church that morning. It had to be healthy because we all know how brides and their maids are about carbs and such! Then I stumbled upon this recipe for Skinny Raspberry Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins, and according to the girls, it was the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. My daughter, the health nut, even ate more than two because—with whole wheat flour, greek yogurt, almond milk, and fresh [... more]

A Smart Start

You actually can eat a healthy breakfast on the go with Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins. Although they call for 100 percent whole wheat flour (which can make foods taste a bit like dry cardboard), you’ll find these muffins surprisingly flavorful. Juicy blueberries, buttermilk, and vegetable oil help make this breakfast food super moist. A sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar crowns these delectable beauties, making them a visually appealing and kid-friendly breakfast treat. All children, big and small, will love that! Photo Source: Freutcake

Quiet Your Craving

Chocolate + Baileys = happy hour, and happy me! This Chocolate Baileys Mud Cake recipe is my answer to that universal craving that we all have experienced…chocolate. How strong is this craving? I’m glad you asked! The week before my daughter walked down the aisle and became a wife, all of the wedding favors were stored in our refrigerator, wrapped in little pink and tangerine wrappers. All of a sudden, this craving hit me. I couldn’t find a bite of chocolate anywhere in the house except for—yes—oh, yes—you guessed [... more]

S’More Uses for Cast Iron

If your mother or grandmother passed a cast-iron skillet down to you, then you’re a lucky duck. Every time I pull my hand-me-down skillet out, I feel as if I am cooking with a piece of history. Nothing says “Southern” more than cobbler or cornbread cooked in a cast-iron vessel, but for a contemporary twist on tradition try Indoor S’mores: melted chocolate in the bottom of a cast-iron skillet with gooey marshmallows smothered on top and served with graham crackers. Cast iron conducts heat very slowly and [... more]

A Razzed Up Red Velvet

When you slice through the dark chocolate frosting of a red velvet cake and remove the first piece, you immediately notice the distinct reddish brown layers separated by bands of creamy filling. This Red Velvet and Raspberry Supreme Cake recipe has many surprising elements that will amaze even the most discerning Southern baker. Unexpected fresh raspberries fill in between the cake layers and decorate the top. Inside, you’ll find two different creamy fillings: a marshmallow cream cheese and a pink whipped vanilla cream. Every bite is super [... more]

An All-Around Treat

I call this the “multiple-choice” cookie. With colorful edible sprinkles, Raspberry Confetti Kisses make the perfect treat for several holidays. Serve these sweet confections on silver platters for intimate Valentine’s Day gatherings. (They’re named “kisses,” after all!) These little pink delicacies of melt-in-your-mouth goodness will definitely pull at cupid’s heartstrings. Or, savor them this spring. The Easter Bunny could easily leave behind these pastel puffs for you to discover in your basket. No matter which holiday you choose to serve Raspberry Confetti Kisses, they’re sure to be [... more]