Summer Swingin’

What could possibly be better than swinging in a hammock on a summer day? Swinging in a bed. This DIY pallet swing bed project is sure to take your afternoon naps to the next level of comfort, and is easy enough to tackle in a couple of hours. All you need are a couple of pallets (which can be found at your local hardware store or grocery store), some rope, and your handy power tools. The great thing about this project is you can customize the size [... more]

In Sharp Contrast

Painting windows, molding, baseboards, and other trim a dark color emphasizes architectural details and can transform the space into a dramatic and updated look. Bold yet elegant, this unexpected design trick provides the perfect combination of traditional and modern style. From basic black and gray to rich shades of midnight blue and forest green, the dark hue creates a custom look that adds personality and impact to your home. Going dark seems daunting at first, but remember that it’s just paint and can be changed easily for [... more]

Spare Tire Transformation

Got a flat tire? Or maybe it’s just time to trade out your old treads. Either way, this DIY Tire Planter project upcycles used tires into beautiful new garden accessories that will brighten up your patio or yard. Crafting your very own tire planter does call for a little handiwork, but very few new purchases. First, choose a paint color that accentuates whatever flowers you want to plant. You’ll also need potting soil, a fabric weed barrier, Styrofoam packing peanuts, and a drill. This year, think outside [... more]

Bold Integrations

Let boring all-beige rooms be a thing of the past. Today, the talk of the town revolves around saturated colors. Interior design pros everywhere are forgoing our standard go-to neutrals for deeper and brighter color options such as royal blue, plum, and dark green. But remember, going bold doesn’t mean you have to paint an entire room; instead, sprinkle in pops of color with one or two pieces of furniture, or with accessories such as rugs, curtains, or throw pillows. As you gain confidence, you can begin [... more]

Pretty Plasticware

Those plastic spoons collecting dust in the back of your pantry take on a whole new and striking purpose with this DIY Spoon Flower Mirror project. With just a few simple steps, you can create a surprisingly elegant mirror. Just break the tops off of the spoons, hot glue them to a circular piece of cardboard, spray-paint the spoon tops, and attach a small mirror to the center. Since you’re creating this wall art yourself, the color is completely up to you. The finished product looks more [... more]

Shelve the Discussion

Where do you keep your favorite reading material, book lovers? Unless you have a private library, the stacks of books that you accumulate can overtake your living spaces. Organize your collection of bestsellers with a fun and creative bookshelf. Imaginative options range from whimsical sayings to geometric shapes. One product labels the shelves “Has been read” and “Will be read” to keep your tomes separated. Another spells out the word “Read” in massive letters, which you fill in with your reading collection. Books add culture and entertainment [... more]

DIY Snack Food

A staple in many pantries, Cheez-Its make the ultimate party snack. Set them out and before you know it, the whole box of crackers is empty. Although the store-bought variety tastes great, this Homemade Cheez-It version leaves room for endless variations. Stick with traditional ingredients, or opt for ground mustard to deepen the flavor. These crunchy, cheesy squares only take a little more than an hour to make, but once they’re done they’ll be gone before you know it.

Going Bold

Using red in your home’s design seems daunting, but the color heightens senses and, depending on the shade and context, can set a room’s mood. When thinking about bringing the color into your own home, consider these tips: Use red on all walls to add intimacy to a room, or just paint one accent wall to transform the proportions of a narrow room. Create an inviting atmosphere with red accents, including chairs or drapery. Establish the mood of a room by carefully choosing the other colors in [... more]

Attractive Wall

Instead of putting holes in your walls each time you want to personalize your home, why not try a magnetic wall created by none other than you. The ease of this DIY project will surprise you. Simply buy magnetic paint at your local home improvement store and paint the area you desire, whether it be kitchen cabinets, a hallway wall, or an old door frame. The magnetic-paint wall lets you hang pictures and artwork with ease, but also doubles as a chalkboard. Kids love an area where [... more]

Just Add Paint (Or Stain)

Give your old furniture a modern makeover by adding fun, colorful paint! You can create a one-of-a-kind piece by simply painting just the drawers or adding geometric or floral patterns. My favorite technique is not painting the entire piece, leaving some of the character of the wood to show through. Another idea is to use multiple wood stains to give it more dimension. My approach to this project would be to photograph the piece, then play around with the color choices and patterns in Photoshop to get [... more]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Want to renew your home quickly? You can do so in three easy fixes. First, de-clutter your space. For example, in the bathroom, remove leftover shampoo bottles and soap. The muddle of unused products creates messiness and disorder. Minimalism is key. Next, trade mirrors from one room to another. By doing so, you can mix up your design and add contrast to rooms. Finally, to give your home that fresh feeling, clean your wood floors. Shiny floors make your home look cleaner and younger instantly. Happy spring [... more]

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

To decorate with the color black, you have to be pretty bold. That, or a member of the Addams family. But if done correctly, it can make a dramatic visual impact. We recommend starting relatively small, such as with an accent wall. Painting one wall in a room black immediately adds an air of elegance and sophistication. It also creates a stunning backdrop for light-colored accessories, such as gold picture frames or bright-white artwork. And, if you need another reason to try this, remember, just as with [... more]

Patterns to Add Personality

If you want to spice up your home this spring, consider adding richly patterned tiles. Whether used on the floor, the walls, or even the ceiling, tiles break up the monotony of a room and transform a space from ho-hum to hubba-hubba! Just make sure that the patterns and colors you choose don’t distract or clash with the rest of your décor. Rather, they should complement the space and pull your scheme together. See more of this kitchen design here:

A Splash of Color

Maybe it’s the lack of color from a cold winter, but my home has been looking a little too pale lately. So this spring, I’m planning on bringing in a few more bright hues with accessories—such as these painted baskets. The mix of vibrant color and natural fibers creates a nice balance that’s refreshing to the eye. The best part is, I can easily DIY them with finds from the thrift store, and experiment by color blocking with regular craft paint. Photo Source: Karen Kimmel

Mad About Mint

Once a trendy color, mint has now transformed into a classic shade. It has a vibrant, fun effect on any space, whether you choose to paint an entire room in the color or just throw in one accent piece—for example, a sofa or headboard. And because it pairs equally well with neutrals (such as brown, tan, black, or white) and bright colors (such as the citrus shades of lemon yellow and orange), mint is ultra-versatile. Photo Source: Donald Lococo Architects