The Freshest Dish of the Summer

Avocado Mac and Cheese hits the spot as a delicious, healthier take on everyone’s favorite comfort food. While the green hue may be slightly disconcerting at first, be prepared to enjoy what’s probably the freshest dish of the summer. Kicks of lime and cilantro intermix with a creamy avocado sauce that awaken the taste buds with light, yet rich flavor. This pasta is best served immediately after preparation because the avocado will oxidize and begin to turn brown over time in the fridge. For an extra boost of [... more]

Slide the Thai

Looking for a unique appetizer that will tickle your guests’ taste buds at your next soiree? Try these tiny and delectable Thai Turkey Sliders with Peanut Sauce. Kicks of typical Thai flavors like peanut, rice vinegar, and ginger pair well with a base of a miniature turkey patty – all accented by the fresh crunch of lettuce. This appetizer is perfect for beginner Thai food diners who might be wary of exotic flavors as it offers only mild spice and focuses more on the familiar taste of [... more]

Fried Chicken, Perfected

If there’s one food that’s hard to disagree on, it’s fried chicken. Okay — you have to be talking with someone who eats meat and isn’t on some fad diet that restricts them from eating things that are downright delicious — but if they meet those two criteria, chances are you both like fried chicken. So, should you find yourself in the company of another fan of chicken o’ the fried kind, try this version: Brined and Battered Buttermilk Fried Chicken. There are a few different parts to this recipe that [... more]

Grilled to Perfection

If you’ve ever struggled with cooking meat on the grill, or just know someone who has (hey, Dad!), the iGrill2 is exactly the kind of gadget you need. This “rugged grilling thermometer” is designed to help you (or that “friend” of yours who is terrible at grilling) cook your meal to perfection. All you have to do is insert the thermometer’s probes; up to four different meats can be tracked at one time. The iGrill2 then syncs with a connected app on your smartphone so you can keep track of the [... more]

Yeah Boy, Bok Choy

A small number of eclectic ingredients combine to make this Bok Choy and Wild Mushroom Miso Soba Bowl both intriguing and satisfying. The soup-like bok choy and wild mushroom miso soba bowl forces ordinary pasta bowls to bow down. Much of this dish’s inspiration comes from Japanese cuisine, starting with flavorful soba noodles. Diced tofu adds protein while also complementing the hearty, earthy bok choy leaves. Red miso flavoring packs a punch and brings out the essence of each ingredient in the bowl. Throw in a package of [... more]

Thai Meets Tacos

A dish native of Mexico packs its suitcase and takes a trip to Thailand with this zesty recipe. Begin to create these Thai Shrimp Tacos by marinating the shrimp in a homemade ginger-soy chili garlic sauce and grilling them to perfection. As the shrimp cook, distract yourself from the tantalizing aroma by preparing the textured slaw that will garnish the inside of each taco. Cabbage, onions, and green chilis make up this Thai-inspired mixture that gets tossed in the same spicy marinade that made your shrimp oh-so [... more]

Intriguing Tomatoes

As tomatoes ripen this summer, an array of dishes which include them seem to pop up everywhere. One such dish is this savory Tomates Farçies à la Provençale recipe. Stuffed with a rich, hearty mixture of breadcrumbs, hazelnuts and sausage, these fresh tomatoes bake in the oven to perfection while bathing in a pristine olive oil bath. Secret ingredients like mustard and chopped garlic cloves make this meal even a bit more interesting, while creating a taste that should provide your guests with some delicious intrigue. With each [... more]

Mom! Meatloaf!

Your mother’s meatloaf gets a run for its money with this Gourmet Meatloaf recipe. By combining a trio of beef, veal and pork, the flavor gets amped up enough to impress even the most experienced of meatloaf connoisseurs. Dried cherries also make a creative and unusual appearance in this recipe along with a little bacon for added smokiness. Crunchy chopped up veggies such as carrots, celery and onions complete the list of main ingredients needed for this recipe. Several different sauces and spices make the loaf a little [... more]

A Go-To Grill Recipe

Grilling out is one of the benefits of warm weather. This summer, branch out from your typical burgers and hotdogs and try these delicious Honey-Lime Chicken Skewers. The homemade and oh-so-easy marinade takes less than five minutes to make, but it packs a whole lot of flavor. Fresh-squeezed lime juice and honey add freshness, while Siracha sauce, red pepper flakes, and minced garlic spice things up a bit. Once the chicken breasts have marinated at least one hour, place the skewers on the grill for six to [... more]

Sweet & Saucy

Impress the dad in your life this Father’s Day by taking over grill duty and serving up these delicious Extra Sticky Thai BBQ Ribs. Made with a homemade Peanut BBQ Sauce, these non-traditional ribs offer a creative take on a popular classic. Marinate the rib racks overnight in a sweet Thai chile and soy sauce mixture and then bake for 2½ to 6 hours. Finish your ribs on the grill after smothering them in the peanut barbecue sauce. Served with a Sweet Thai Ginger Slaw, these tasty [... more]

Creole Burritos?

This New Orleans-inspired meal takes the traditional dish red beans and rice and stuffs it in a flour tortilla. Packed with flavor, meatless Red Bean & Rice Burritos  jazzes things up with a homemade spice blend of parsley, paprika, oregano, black pepper, white pepper, and salt. The simple recipe makes enough filling for 10 burritos; that’s just the right amount for two people to enjoy during a week of work lunches. Plus, they’re portable, so you can grab them on the go and never miss a beat. [... more]

French Onion Minus the Soup

French onion soup takes on a new, but just as mouthwatering, form with this recipe. The brainchild of blogger Ree Drummond, French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms just might become your new favorite appetizer. In this recipe, the onions, which have been cooked in butter, wine, and broth and then flavored with a little Worcestershire sauce, serve as the stuffing for the mushroom caps. A sprinkling of gruyere cheese melts perfectly to seal in the onions. Serve these one-bite wonders as hors d’oeuvres at your next party or [... more]

Creative Pizza

The French dish ratatouille comes in many forms. While it usually consists of a variety of stewed vegetables, the veggies chosen and how they are used often vary. This recipe for Ratatouille Pizza takes a few more liberties and turns the traditional stew into a pizza. This creative twist came about when the author discovered she had some dough in the freezer and leftover eggplant and zucchinis from a lasagna she had made. With an adventurous spirit, she transformed them into this tasty dish. The pizza is [... more]

Nuts About This Chicken Salad

A recipe packed with flavor, Nut and Berry Chicken Salad With Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing makes great use of all of the fresh produce available this summer. The juicy strawberries and blueberries provide sweetness, while the walnuts and goat cheese add texture and piquant flavor into the mix. It wouldn’t be a chicken salad without some grilled chicken breast, but this recipe’s author also includes a little pancetta for subtle saltiness. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, wait until you hear about the dressing. A tasty blend [... more]

Presto Prawns

Pesto gets a delicious makeover with the addition of fresh spinach and asparagus. The homemade sauce combines all the classic ingredients such as Parmesan and pine nuts but delivers a slightly different taste thanks to the addition of vitamin- and mineral-rich vegetables. This recipe for Asparagus-Spinach Pesto Pasta doesn’t stop with a delicious sauce, though—it also adds flavorful protein with blackened shrimp. Simply coat your shrimp in Cajun seasoning and sauté them in a pan while your pasta is cooking. From stovetop to tabletop in 20 minutes, [... more]