Your Keys, All Grown Up

We’ve seen it before. When it comes to something as simple as a set of keys, we often settle for the most convenient at the time. But after a certain age, generic carabiners with chipped paint and promotional bottle opener keychains not only scratch up the other things in your pocket, they make you look like a kid. Bottom line: a gaudy set of keys can really ruin a wardrobe.  Thankfully though, a sleek leather key ring like the ones we’ve featured here can add just the right amount [... more]

A Beautiful Destination

Florida artist Erin Ashley believes that art has the power to help people see things in a new light. She views her work as an avenue to find beauty in things that are so often overlooked. The self-taught artist, wife, and mom of two begins each of her pieces with no preconceived idea of what the end product will look like, but with every piece, she desires to capture and preserve the true beauty of the world around her. “Inspiration comes to me in many forms,” the [... more]

Signed, Sealed, and Southern

Invitations and greeting cards set the tone when planning a party, preparing for a wedding, or commemorating a special day. So it’s important to choose the right look. Make your next event shine with Modern South’s creative and visually appealing invitations, prints, and cards. Based out of Summerville, South Carolina, the company’s owner and designer creates stationary inspired by art of the mid-20th century and Art Deco periods. All of her original designs are customizable, so whether you want a striking save-the-date or just want to say [... more]