Get It &Go

Does this sound familiar? On any given day, you spend eight hours (or more) at work, hit the gym for a workout, and then a friend calls about dinner plans – only you have zero time to go home and change. You look like a hot mess, but constantly compromising your schedule to fit everything in is less than ideal. And if you prepared ahead of time, you’d have to practically pack a suitcase for the car every day. Can you imagine the laundry? No. Just no. Recently, we heard about &Go from Lululemon, [... more]

A Smart Weigh In

The Smart Body Analyzer from Withings ($149.99) puts the average household scale to shame. Unfortunately, watching our weight usually isn’t the only health risk we have to be concerned about. Using this new one-stop health tracking system, you can keep track of weight, as well as body composition, heart rate, and even the air quality that you breathe. The scale tracks three areas of body composition: weight, fat mass and BMI (body mass index), with exceedingly precise accuracy and reliability. You have the ability to track your [... more]

Rockout. Workout.

Keeping your workout fun and fresh helps you stay active and drives the popularity of fitness trends. First came Zumba, Pure Barre, and SoulCycle. Now POUND arrives on the scene, promising to keep you entertained while you sweat off the day’s calories. This high-energy combination of cardio and Pilates incorporates music and the physical movements of drumming familiar to musicians and founders Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom. The most unique aspect of POUND is the replacement of traditional hand weights with modified drumsticks called Ripstix. These allow [... more]

Futuristic Fitness Watch

The Polar V800 watch is as futuristic as it sounds. Designed for athletes, the device helps monitor training, sleep, and recovery and even tells time. The watch syncs to your phone or tablet so you can enter your training goals and then see your results. Once you enter your goals in the app, the watch will help you maintain the right pace to accomplish whatever goals you set. What’s more, the Polar V800 ($500) doesn’t stop on the field; it tells you how long you need to [... more]

Bluetooth Your Fitness

Wireless earphones are kind of cool. Wireless earphones that track your pace, heart rate, steps, cadence, and oxygen saturation, and act as a bluetooth headset for phone calls—well, that’s a lot of cool. Imagine going on a run and listening to music without getting tangled up in cords. Now, take that scenario a step further: Imagine doing that while gauging nearly every aspect of your fitness along the way. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (parent company Bragi raised nearly $3.4 million), The Dash Smart Earphones are [... more]

Get a Grip

Exercises such as yoga, barre, and Pilates can free your body, mind, and spirit. Going barefoot during your fitness routines adds another level of comfort, relaxation, and connection that tennis shoes, and even socks, can’t provide. However, bare feet often slip and slide all over the mat due to the inevitable sweat from exercising. Designed to mimic being barefoot but with the addition of traction, Toesox’s Half Toe Bella Grip Socks are the ideal solution. These organic cotton socks allow your toes to move freely while the [... more]

Fashion-Forward Fitness

Bored with your typical black leggings and T-shirt workout attire? Check out Urban Outfitter’s recently launched fitness brand, “Without Walls.” Geared toward their typical hip and fashion-conscious audience, this line incorporates fun and unique fitness apparel, such as tie-dye leggings, color-block spandex crop tops, and colorful flowing yoga pants, as well as all the gear to go with them. And no need to be concerned about the quality. In addition to in-house designs, the line carries well-known brands such as Asics, Patagonia, and Onzie. The Move U [... more]

Get Fit

It’s hard enough to remember to set an alarm for the morning, let alone manage daily exercise habits. If only someone else could do it for you. Enter, Fitbit, your personal fitness assistant. Daily activities, calories burned, sleep, and weight—Fitbit keeps track of it all. About the size of a small thumb-drive, the device clips onto virtually anything. For guys, a belt buckle works well, and for girls, a purse or waistband. Or you can opt for the wristband version. Buying a Fitbit won’t make you lose [... more]