Look Good Working Hard

Okay so looking good probably isn’t your number one priority when you’re out working, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get functional work clothes that just happen to look really good together. We started with a sturdily weaved WearGuard work shirt that will protect you from whatever you run into on your workday. Pair it with some durable Mountain Khaki’s and some Red Wing work boots that are made to order from their US factory. Combine these staples with dripping sweat and a job well done and you’ll [... more]

Hardly a Wallet (And That’s the Way We Like It)

Like the movie industry, the fashion world can feel like a place full of watered-down remakes. But, on rare occasion – if you get the right mix of people and materials, maybe even a sprinkling of fresh ideas thrown in – the new version can end up better than the original. And that’s exactly what we think happened with this new approach to a sleek, durable, and simple aluminum wallet from Machine Era Co. There’s not much going on here, and that’s what we like. It’s just a high-grade aluminum shell with [... more]

Pry Open Awesome

We admit it: buying gifts for guys isn’t exactly easy. When women can rush out to the nearest boutique and come home with literal basketloads of gifts, we dudes find ourselves more often stuck with an ugly necktie. And that has to end, my friends. If you’re tired of finding the gifts you’ve given in Goodwill piles or crammed under the bed, then you should probably consider buying your next gift from Man Crates. They’re built with rough and rugged manliness practically bursting from the wooden crates they come in.   Man Crates each [... more]

Jumping the Shark… Or Dolphin

Have you ever wanted to fly like Superman? How about diving through the water like Aquaman? Well, while the magic cape is still out of our reach (for now), your man-child dreams of going all shark-like and zipping through the water really can come true. Designers at Innespace Productions have created the Seabreacher, a watercraft vessel that looks and handles like a shark or dolphin. It not only moves at breathtaking speeds across the water, but can also dive down into the water and come shooting back up [... more]

The Only Shoelaces You Will Ever Need

Withstanding the zombie apocalypse. Extreme hipster resistance.  Bear attacks.  These are just a few of the bragging points held by the makers of Kickstarter’s latest success story, Rhino Laces: guaranteed unbreakable shoelaces designed for the world’s toughest jobs. Some things only become obvious to people in extreme situations, like two wildland firefighters who found their boot laces were snapping just as fast as the charred branches surrounding them. Determined to find a useful solution, they spent years testing different materials that would be both cut-proof and fire-proof, finally developing a proprietary [... more]

Nice Socks

The owners of Nice Laundry wanted high-quality socks at a low price, so they cut out the middleman and started making their own. Cuff tension, heel pocket depth, fine raw materials and a shrink-resistant final product are some of the things that they had in mind when they began designing, and the results feel as good as they sound. There are a few special things about this brand. First, it offers a recycling option for your old socks. You can send them in and they’ll salvage what they [... more]

Six Pack That Lasts

Sure, you can use that cardboard six-pack holder when you pick out some craft beers at your local grocery. You can even use it as a sauce holder for the picnic table for summer barbecues. But after you have one or two, the rest just become trash. Or you could walk into your local craft beer store or brewery in style with this Walnut Spartan Carton leather six-pack holder that will last for years to come.   It is made to hold up to the elements and [... more]

In the Jungle

Long subway commutes and road trips can leave you searching for entertainment that you could easily carry with you. This has largely been taken care of by smartphone gaming apps, but oftentimes playing on a small, hard-to-control touch screen gets frustrating quickly. The Razer Junglecat ($100) phone case is designed to make the gaming experience on your phone a much more enjoyable and efficient one. The case is designed with a D-pad, ABXY action buttons and bumpers on a sliding gamepad case that is lightweight and ultra-slim, making [... more]

Stand Out From the Pack

Guys don’t have nearly as many options as women when it comes to carrying their stuff around. There’s the business briefcase, the sporty backpack, the utilitarian messenger bag, and…that’s about it. The San Francisco-based company Everlane combines the function of a backpack with the utilitarian style of a messenger bag with its casual chic Twill Snap Backpack ($65). Relatively small in size, this backpack will hold all of your necessary day-to-day and travel needs without being bulky or cumbersome. As a brand, Everlane designs and produces its [... more]

Slow Down. Pace Yourself.

You’re not going to slow down time, but you can slow down the way you look at it. The Slow Watch is a new approach to seeing time that lets you see the day as a whole, rather than split into two 12-hour shifts. The single hand rotates in a full circle only once every 24 hours. When you glance down you have a general idea of where you are in the day, instead of rushing through every moment. Of course, there are still deadlines, meetings and [... more]

Wrist Luxury

Cufflinks are a status symbol, and the men’s fashion brand Alice Made This fits more luxury in each of their finely crafted pieces than seems possible. Alice Made This uses methods similar to those employed in making aerospace components, with giant machines etching away at rods of the highest quality metals, including stainless steel, brass, and copper, to produce these intricate accessories. The brand’s non-metal cufflinks are slowly and meticulously woven to ensure consistency and quality, resulting in beautiful, flowerlike knots that will subtly remind your friends [... more]

Hat Trick

A hat is like a moustache: If you notice it right away, it probably looks bad on you. It’s an accessory that some people pull off flawlessly, while others wish a strong gust of wind would blow it into a puddle so they would have a reason to get rid of it. The first step in the hunt for a good hat is finding the type that suits your head and style; we’ve picked a few to get you started. A baseball-inspired classic, the six-panel hat looks [... more]

Don’t Be a Hazard

No one gives you a jersey for golf, so you’re in charge of the image of your one-man team. We’ve seen that freedom get out of hand with clashing bright colors and players just trying to make a statement, so we toned it down to let our swing do the talking. But note: “Toned down” doesn’t have to mean boring. A flat cap from Tom Morris perfectly accents a simple striped polo and solid pants. Round out the look with a streamlined glove from G/FORE and some [... more]

Father’s Day Makeover

This Father’s Day, update your dad’s style with products from the always stylish and sophisticated Billy Reid. If your father spends hours at the office or days traveling for business, invest in some quality accessories that will help him look and feel more put together on hectic days. The Cordovan Portfolio ($245) keeps Dad organized so he’ll have everything he needs, from documents to his iPad, in one leather-encased place. The perfect carry-on for business flights, the Cordovan Workbag ($595) is roomy enough to store not only a laptop and that handy portfolio, but also a toiletry [... more]

Simple Sandal

Minimalism rules the fashion industry these days, and that’s not exclusive to women’s style. Take Bally’s sandals for men. With their simple structure and subtle and sporty iconic accent stripe, these leather sandals embrace the minimalist trend while still remaining functional and stylish. The soft calf leather and rubber soles provide the ultimate level of comfort for vacations spent at the beach or touring the countryside, or as your daily casual shoe during the summer. Pair with shorts or chinos rolled at the ankle for a casual cool look that will transition [... more]