Grilled to Perfection

If you’ve ever struggled with cooking meat on the grill, or just know someone who has (hey, Dad!), the iGrill2 is exactly the kind of gadget you need. This “rugged grilling thermometer” is designed to help you (or that “friend” of yours who is terrible at grilling) cook your meal to perfection. All you have to do is insert the thermometer’s probes; up to four different meats can be tracked at one time. The iGrill2 then syncs with a connected app on your smartphone so you can keep track of the [... more]

Thai Meets Tacos

A dish native of Mexico packs its suitcase and takes a trip to Thailand with this zesty recipe. Begin to create these Thai Shrimp Tacos by marinating the shrimp in a homemade ginger-soy chili garlic sauce and grilling them to perfection. As the shrimp cook, distract yourself from the tantalizing aroma by preparing the textured slaw that will garnish the inside of each taco. Cabbage, onions, and green chilis make up this Thai-inspired mixture that gets tossed in the same spicy marinade that made your shrimp oh-so [... more]

A Go-To Grill Recipe

Grilling out is one of the benefits of warm weather. This summer, branch out from your typical burgers and hotdogs and try these delicious Honey-Lime Chicken Skewers. The homemade and oh-so-easy marinade takes less than five minutes to make, but it packs a whole lot of flavor. Fresh-squeezed lime juice and honey add freshness, while Siracha sauce, red pepper flakes, and minced garlic spice things up a bit. Once the chicken breasts have marinated at least one hour, place the skewers on the grill for six to [... more]

Sweet & Saucy

Impress the dad in your life this Father’s Day by taking over grill duty and serving up these delicious Extra Sticky Thai BBQ Ribs. Made with a homemade Peanut BBQ Sauce, these non-traditional ribs offer a creative take on a popular classic. Marinate the rib racks overnight in a sweet Thai chile and soy sauce mixture and then bake for 2½ to 6 hours. Finish your ribs on the grill after smothering them in the peanut barbecue sauce. Served with a Sweet Thai Ginger Slaw, these tasty [... more]

Summer’s Favorite Sandwich

Celebrate National Burger Day on May 28 (or any other day for that matter) by cooking up some patties for family and friends. Impress your guests by trying a new version of the summertime favorite smothered in grilled onions and gooey Gruyère cheese. Packed with parsley, thyme, and garlic, French Onion Burgers boast maximum flavor. Sliced onions carefully sautéed in a skillet with wine and olive oil sit proudly on top. A mustard-mayo combo along with melted cheese complements the flavors of the herbs. Serve with fries [... more]

Get Sauced!

Just in time for the peak of grill season, Trifecta Gourmet Sauces adds a new product to its line of succulent, lick-off-your-fingers barbecue sauces. Joining the company’s existing three flavors—Original BBQ, Sweet Heat BBQ, and Blazing BBQ—Kentucky Bourbon Marinade blends sweet brown sugar, tangy citrus, a mix of vinegars, and Kentucky bourbon whiskey. And like the other three Trifecta sauces, the marinade is both all-natural and gluten-free. Order your bottle today and experience the rich taste of Kentucky’s signature bourbon.        Photo Credit: Trifecta Gourmet [... more]

Skewer Me This

There is something very satisfying about forgoing silverware at dinnertime. Whether you tire of cleaning or simply prefer finger food, this recipe for Grilled Jerk Shrimp and Pineapple Skewers just makes life easier. Also perfect for an outdoor party appetizer, this simple dish pairs perfectly with a side of fruit. The sweet flavor of the fresh pineapple evens out the spice-laden shrimp. Each bite of marinated shrimp offers succulent flavor, so head to the grill and start cooking these delicious skewers.

Get Your Grill On

Some of summer’s best recipes call for grilling, and this recipe for Grilled Cherry Tomato Skewers on Toast takes advantage of the season’s fresh bounty. Roasting the tomatoes enhances their natural flavor. Let them soak in an olive oil-based marinade before grilling, and season to taste afterward. Be sure to soak the wooden skewers for about 30 minutes beforehand to prevent them from burning. These tomatoes taste great alone or atop a slice of crusty bread smeared with creamy ricotta cheese.

Asparagus in a Blanket

How do you like your asparagus prepared? Oven-roasted, steamed, grilled, pickled, sautéed, microwaved, deep-fried, blanched, or broiled? The options seem endless and each is delicious in its own right. I am excited to share with you another tasty option: Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus. Adding that one extra ingredient to this green veggie spear will elevate the flavor and turn it into a favorite finger food. Trim an inch from the end of the asparagus and cut prosciutto strips in half. Wrap the thin slice of meat around the spear, [... more]

Brussels Sprouts Hip? Who Knew?

Have you ever noticed how certain foods trend in cycles just as certain styles and colors in fashion do? Enter Mustard Marinated Grilled Brussel Sprouts. Yes, those little round green vegetables your mother tried to force-feed you as a child are now trending. They are hip! After a quick blanching, toss these leafy gems in a yummy marinade of olive oil, salt and pepper, and whole-grain mustard; then skewer and grill. Force-feeding no longer necessary.

Tequila and Lime Time

My mouth waters at just the name of this dish, “Tequila and Lime Marinated Steak.” As you line up the ingredients, you may ask yourself if you’re cooking or serving drinks. I personally would do both. After combining the tequila, lime juice, salt, and spices for marinating the steaks, celebrate with an icy cold margarita. Might as well make a whole batch because you’re going to want to share these perfectly marinated steaks with your friends. Let the party begin! Photo Source: The Boys Club

Get Your Grill On

It’s never too early to think about grilling season, and the Argentine-style industrial grills from Grillworks are the stuff late-winter dreams are made of. Depending on the size you choose, you can barbecue ribs, whole chickens, or even whole pigs if you want. The primal satisfaction that you get from cooking over an open flame is part of the allure, and the grills just look plain awesome. But if you need another reason to use one of these beasts, grilling with wood or wood charcoal is carbon [... more]